My yoga journey so far.

I've been wanting to take up yoga for a number of years now but after giving the sessions available at my gym a try, I realised the gym model wouldn't work. It was far too intimidating, the pace is too quick for beginners and instruction assumes you already know what you're doing, so there's a big chance of error and injury.

This video by Equinox featuring practitioner, Briohny Smyth, only come to my attention at the beginning of the year, but I credit it as the one thing that gave me the push I needed to find a studio that suited me and begin what I now consider a part of my life.

I found a studio in my neighbourhood that had a progressive teaching method which made a whole lot of sense and 6 months on, it's been the best decision I ever made. Yoga is all about balance, and it's helped me to sleep better, eat better, concentrate better and work on my back problems once a week so I no longer have to have a remedial sports massage done every quarter anymore.

I occasionally go back and watch the video for inspiration, Briohny Smyth is so lithe, so flexible, I can only hope to reach that level one day.