'Want it!' of the week: Proenza Schouler Camera Bag

Every girl needs a bag BFF, and if you're more a shoe gal, then what you need is a shoe BFF.I'm more a bag person but I'm finding myself obsessed with shoes lately. Thankfully, I've got an all-in-one BFF in my sister. Technically, both obsessions are her fault but I'm glad I have someone to share it with.

Most of the bags I end up liking and buying are influenced by my sister, for example, we both own Balenciagas, Celines and are avid Alexander Wang fans. This proenza camera bag love is all mine though. I found it while doing my daily blog trawl and fell completely head over heels in love.

The camera bag is from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, which means it's now really difficult to find. I adore the retro yet luxurious look, and I think it would go really well with my Fujifilm X100.

I really love it, now would one please materialise somewhere so I can buy it?


Image via Proenza Schouler