Sabio by the Sea, Sentosa









I was in Sentosa for 2 days for a mini staycation, courtesy of my grandparents. I had company on the first day but my sister dropped by on the second day to have dinner with me. We went further inland to Quayside Isle at Sentosa Cove, where there were pretty boats and an even prettier view. The plan was actually to have dinner at Kith cafe, but as luck would've had it, it was closed (they close tuesdays). After walking up and down the boardwalk for a bit, we ended up at Sabio by the Sea.

Spanish food as a memory is something the sister and I share, we travelled to the country in 2011 and had ourselves a real adventure. Well, it can't get any realer than finding out that restaurants in Bilbao don't open till 8pm and having to walk around most of the small city to find food.

Anyway, Sabio's spanish food wasn't the most authentic but it was definitely comfort food. ....And then we watched the sun set and all was well.

macaron making

macaron0 macaron1










I've always wanted to learn how to make macarons, and what a better time than to do it with my avid baker friend, R. We used a chocolate macaron recipe from the book 'Mad about Macarons' by Jill Colonna but backed it up by watching a youtube video by Ochikeron to make sure we got the techniques right. And yes, it worked. After a few hours of hard work and anxiety, the macarons came out of the oven and they had feet, looked and tasted great! We then had some for tea time and I raided my friend's kitchen for tableware to put together a little food styling shoot.

I definitely want to make more in a lot of other different flavours. Any flavours I should try?


childhood snacks


There seems to be a resurgence of sorts for nostalgia items. Well, items from around 20 years back. Damn I feel old and does 20 years count as nostalgia?

Maybe I'm having a strange week but when I saw these 'mama shop' snacks at Grammah, I couldn't resist. Best part? this lot cost me less than 5sgd, that's priceless.

Do you still see snacks from your childhood around?


Random Pictures of the week (Dec 2-8)

1. Celina had me over for a BBQ. It was so yummy and fun! Thanks for having me :) 2. One of the pedestrian bridges over the Yarra river was wrapped like a present. How cute! 3. I didn't intend to go but I found myself drawn to the Melbourne Design Market. I seem to go to every one of these. 4. Lazy thursday was spent in Mornington. We went to La Patenque and the only view, besides some horses in the adjacent winery was the mower getting rid of the weeds in the garden. It was very exciting, not really. 5. Random carpark machines in St Kilda.

Random pictures of the week (Nov 25-Dec 1)

1. Sunday was Markit, it was very successful and I did all my Christmas shopping! 2. Whilst at Fed Square, we came across Patrick Dougherty's Stickwork. 3. Lunched at China Red. Love Xiao long baos. Although we had more fun ordering thru the touch screens than eating. 4. Carved my Christmas card stamp. Coming up with the design took 4 weeks and carving took 4 hours. My first big original stamp. 5. On the hottest day of the week, T and I went to Mamasita, we're totally in love with the street style corn. More please!

Akachochin, South Wharf


I may have already mentioned Akachochin briefly in previous posts but the first time I ever went was for dinner. It was after the Grand Designs Show and my friend, D, decided she had a hankering for Japanese food and I remembered that Akachochin was in the vicinity of the convention centre.

Being a friday night, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we were able to grab a table without having prior reservations. Even so, we were shown to what I think is the best seat in the house, sushi bar seats! It was really fun watching the chefs prepare an enormous sushi boat for another table and the seafood looked extremely fresh.

Since it was our first time, we took a gamble and ordered a few things off the specials menu and some off the regular menu. Small portions made it easy to share and the casual atmosphere was perfect for a friday night dinner.

My favorite dishes were the Chicken wing dumpling and the Wagyu meatball and I would suggest dessert elsewhere if you had time..

Random photos of the week Nov 11-17

1. We went to Fitzroy over the weekend, the weather was great and we stumbled upon the Rose Street market! 2. Had dinner at Huxtable, unfortunately, my hay fever was acting up so I couldn't enjoy it fully, which was a shame as I'd been looking forward to dining there for a long time. 3. Tried the Korean BBQ at Hallah, I highly recommend it, the marinated beef ribs were so good! 4. This is my third time at Akachochin, definitely a new favorite place. Can't go wrong with the lunch specials. 5. Brunch/Tea at Luxbite, the menu has changed a bit since I last went. There was a white and black funghi sandwich and some bakkwa on a charcoal bun. Both yummy and interesting.

Random Sydney pictures of the week (nov 1 - 6)

I went to Sydney last weekend for my birthday. Some things we did there:

1. We had lunch at Chat Thai, one of my favorite thai places. 2. Checked out the stalls at The Rocks Market. 3. Watched Cirque Du Soleil's Ovo at the Grand Chapiteau. 4. The Little Black Jacket exhibition happened to be in Sydney the same time as us and since we're big Chanel fans, made the trip to take a look at it. 5. Celebrated my birthday at Momofuku Seiobo.


Wimbly Lu Chocolates, Singapore

After dinner one day during my Singapore trip, Chel suggested a visit to a chocolate place. It was, in a way, a 'research trip' and hey, as long as there's chocolate, I won't say no!

I love chocolates and Wimbly Lu is a perfect place for chocolate lovers. It may be in a pretty out of way location but it's got all the charm of a dessert space, including an adorable old school VW beetle car out the front. Chel and I went at 9.30pm and there was still a queue out the door (they close at 10.30pm on weekdays) so it was a good thing we made a booking.

The interior consists of cute vintage items (including a gorgeous vintage styled logo), an amazing skylight and sporting awards memorabilia, which I still don't quite understand to be honest. There were candlelights on the table which gave the place a homely, intimate feel. There's also a window into the kitchen so you can watch them make the yummy chocolate truffles, which you'll want to buy after your meal to bring home.

Chel had the S'mores Pie and I got the waffle. The pie was all sorts of chocolatey goodness and the waffle, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. yum. Definitely get a pot of tea to have with your dessert and it's the perfect cafe moment.

Random photos from this week (Oct 7-13)

DSCF1654 DSCF1674




1. I picked up a copy of Prevention magazine and found a recipe for mussels I had to try, it turned out really yummy and I paired it with some tiger bread from Coles. 2. My parents and brother were in town, I brought them to Akachochin. The lunch specials are really reasonable! 3. We celebrated dad's birthday at The Point. Those mint peas and beef fat potatoes were amazing. 4. I rarely get a chance to be a passenger in my own car. 5. Mum and I lunched at Papparich this week, I had been waiting to go for a while and it's lived up to the hype.

Shyun, Carnegie

Shyun is my favorite budget Japanese place on the east side. It's located on the busy Carnegie shopping strip and even though parking can seem difficult and there might be a queue at Shyun, it's almost always worth it.

This time, I went with Violet and James and it was full inside so we had to settle for a table outside near the road. It wasn't as bad since that night was pretty warm.

We had a simple meal of sashimi, the tofu-don, chicken terriyaki-don and my personal favorite, the ten don. Simple, cheap and comforting, couldn't ask for more, except maybe a bigger store space.

Open Door Policy, Singapore

There is a corner of Tiong Bahru that is up and coming, it's where eclectic design stores and sophisticated cafes are mixed in amongst public housing. You can't tell it's interesting till you stand in front of the shops and there's something to see every 10 steps.

It's here that my sister brought me for lunch at Open Door Policy, the place has cute handwriting signs (points!), vintage look hardwood floors and interior furniture (points!), a gorgeous skylight (points!), menus that look like ledgers and food deserving of the roving brunch connoisseur.

Sounds like a home run? Unfortunately not. I was disappointed by the tactics pulled by its staff to charge us $8 for a bottle of water. Very sneaky indeed. Instead of asking us if we wanted 'sparkling, still or tap', we were pounced upon as soon as we were seated and only offered 'sparkling or still', no clarification was asked of us and a bottle of $8 Β water opened and poured before we could protest.

If your food is good enough, one really does not need to pull such tricks. ...and the food was good, but diner beware.

Also, I can't get over how the apple crumble (last picture) looks like a fried chicken dish. Am I right?

PS. If you're in the area, I recommend popping into Books Actually for locally published books and zines and strangelets for jewellery and accessories by local designers.

Wild Honey, Singapore

The original plan was to go to Chye Seng Huat but someone kept talking me out of it so I settled for Wild Honey. I'd heard a lot about Wild Honey and their brunch appeared to be wildly popular, so it was good deal in the end. My sister brought me to the Scotts Square branch because it was bigger, but that somehow did nothing as there was still a 20 minute wait, on a weekday. I can't imagine what a weekend queue is like.

Once seated though, service was quick and food came in a timely manner. The food and drinks was great, all the brunch dishes were named after countries. My New York brunch had bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon in scrambled eggs. My sister's Canadian brunch had big fluffy pancakes, maple and blueberry syrups and bacon. Sound yum? Indeed. The only thing that didn't work for me that the interior felt a bit drab and too dark for an afternoon meal. One could've mistaken it for a pub...

Dean and Deluca, Singapore

Β I always never have enough time when I'm in Singapore to catch up with all my friends so I was sad I could only spare an few hours to have tea with Ade. She had originally suggested one of the chocolate places at 313 but my sister mentioned there was a Dean & Deluca and I knew we had to go there...

Now, Orchard Central is not my favourite mall, the layout is quite messy and the stores are an eclectic mix, to put it politely.

Locating Dean and Deluca was a bit of an issue too and it was really full, even at 4 in the afternoon. We had to wait awhile for a table and the queue for food was even longer. Good thing there's a view of the on site rock climbing wall to distract the masses of people.

We had iced teas and cakes. The tea was lacking in taste but I absolutely adored the blueberry cheesecake I ordered. I'm not usually a fan of cheesecake but this was amazing.

If you want to pick up groceries, they also have a fine food section, I even spotted Mariage tea amongst the selection.

Hong Kong Day 4

Our last day in Hong Kong, we had to be at the airport by around lunch time so we didn't Β want to spend the morning too far away from the hotel. 2 days before, we had discovered that there was an Agnes.B cafe at K11,Β 2 minutes from the hotelΒ so we went there for breakfast...if you call cake breakfast. Don't get me wrong, they serve breakfast, my mother had a smoked salmon sandwich but the cakes were so good looking we had to get them. Can you guess which cake was mine?

Β At the airport, we checked in, went through immigration and then headed for lunch but not before I took a look at the Muji store and had bubble tea fromΒ Chatime. Inside, there was a food court but we settled for The Spaghetti House, we were kinda sick of Chinese food I guess. Don't forget to check out the Disney store, it's the only place outside of Japan's Disney Sea that carries the highly coveted Duffy. If you needed extra food souvenirs, the airport also has a Kee Wah Bakery and a Peninsula hotel counter.

That was the end of my Hong Kong trip. I'd like to do a little more sightseeing, a little less shopping next time but it's definitely an ideal place for a quick escape or even a stopover.

(Green) Tea Cupping Class at Bistro Vue


Β I love tea so I was excited to find out Bistro Vue was holding a series of Tea-cupping classes. Did you know there are Tea Sommeliers? Neither did I! Vue Du Monde's Tea Sommelier is Charles Serveau who taught the class.

I attended the class with Celeste and Bec. We were one of the first to show up so we had plenty of time to admire and look around the beautiful private dining room located at the back of Bistro Vue. It was also a rather informal setting so the class was easy to follow once we got past all the heavy (yet highly informative) history/technical stuff of course. We got to try a selection of teas from around Asia. The most important thing I learnt was that I've been brewing my tea the wrong way the whole time. doh. I've since fixed that and my tea has been that much more enjoyable, I even went as far as to buy a hand held weighing scale, drinking tea is serious business yo.

Tea tasting was followed by lunch, complete with teas to match each course. It was amazing, each course better than the last, there was even a matcha whisking demonstration by Charles. To top it off, we were given little bags of tea with Charles' own blend of black tea and a cookie from Bistro Vue that I devoured that same day. Yum.

Bec and I were hoping to sign up for another of the classes but we found out they were all full so we might have to wait for the next round. hopefully soon.

Spize Simpang Bedok, Singapore

No trip to Singapore is complete without a trip to Simang Bedok. There are a few restaurants in the area but the one we always visit is Spize.

If we're there for supper, the usual is Maggie Goreng, Prata/Prata Bomb and Iced Milos. For dinner, the chicken cutlets and other western food on the menu are sure to please.

Spize has also started showing old movies if there's no soccer on. So if you're bored, its also a good place to chill.

Hong Kong Day 3 Pt 2

Causeway bay, let me just say, if you are staying across the harbour, getting to causeway bay at lunchtime is a nightmare, because we were at the Icon Hotel, there was no public transport nearby so we decided to take a taxi. We went to Times Square to buy sport shoes, unfortunately, I've got big feet and I always forget asian countries don't carry my size usually, so I ended up not buying any. boo. As we were walking to our next destination, we passed by a egg waffle stand and since I'd never had it before, decided that it was snack time. It was quite delicious for a plain waffle. We then headed towards Sogo and made a quick detour to look for Egg tarts at Tai Cheong Bakery. Even though we waited till we got back to the hotel to devour them, they were probably the best egg tarts I've ever eaten. At Sogo, we bought mooncakes as souvenirs from the Kee Wah Bakery. The basement had many food counters that were all so tempting.

We went back to Harbour CityΒ in the evening. The Doraemon 100 year exhibition was on but tickets had run out so we missed out unfortunately. Dinner was at HIP Katsu, interesting name, pretty good katsu.

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