Solar powered cute

My sister would kill me for saying this, but buying the iphone 4S was the best decision I made all year.I had been using blackberries for a few years before deciding I had to give in and get the iphone, totally addicted to it now of course. It's been a source of entertainment when I'm bored, and that happens quite often...

Of course, there are heaps of accessories available for the iphone (see previous post on Castagram) and even though the phone is still quite new, I bought a solar charger for the iphone. It had to be cute of course, so I chose the Korilakkuma character.

It's not purely a solar charger, one can charge it using a regular iphone cable so that it retains enough power to charge the iphone when there's no sun. I'd say I get another 30-40mins extra, pretty good for something that just hangs off my bag I reckon..and it's saved me from boredom a few times already.

You can find this on Strapya.


What other iphone accessories are a must have?