Singapore Week 2

Shots from week 2 of my Singapore trip. Week 1 is here. One of the things I wanted to have when I went back this trip was to go to pepper lunch. It's a sort of Japanese hot plate but oh so yummy. I had the curry pepper lunch with beef and an egg.

Photo 8 03 12 11 52 25 AM

I went to Killiney kopitiam for dinner one day and found out they had ready to cook packs. I'd be interested to try them one day.

Photo 9 03 12 5 54 43 PM

I had the Mee Rebus, just as I remembered.

Photo 9 03 12 5 57 36 PM

For dessert I had a kaya toast. A bit weird but yummy nonetheless.

Photo 9 03 12 6 22 42 PM

I had my nails done for the wedding, I had initially wanted black french tips but the salon had run out of black polish so I went with red which was on the colours on the wedding theme.

Photo 9 03 12 11 59 34 AM

Love HDB buildings, they're not pretty but they're interesting to look at.

Photo 12 03 12 12 13 48 PM

Mum brought me to one of her favourite places for lunch. Soup spoon, which is a casual eating chain in singapore.

I had the pumpkin soup..

Photo 12 03 12 12 32 26 PM

..and the horseradish roast beef half sandwich, which had too much bread but the combination of roast beef and horseradish was great. Came with a small side of coleslaw as well.

Photo 12 03 12 12 36 09 PM

Another place I really wanted to visit was Chin Mee Chin Bakery in Katong. The buns and kaya are all handmade and the taste is full of nostalgia.

IMG 2109

The teh si peng was very weak though.

IMG 2110

The kitchen hasn't changed in the last 20 years,

IMG 2112

I was a bit disappointed they didn't have the custard buns I loved but they custard tarts looked good although I didn't try any that day.

IMG 2113

Kitty photo break. Soju waiting for us to finish dinner before he's allowed into the dining room.

IMG 2115

And more prata, I tried prata bomb for the first time and it was mind-blowing. The blueberry lychee drink was also the first time I had it. Really sweet and probably not a good thing to have at night.

IMG 2134

The chicken cutlet at Spize was really good too. The BBQ sauce, I need that in my life. The coleslaw was perfect and the mushroom sauce went really well with the cutlet.

IMG 2136

Picked out some new spectacles.

IMG 2141

Top view of Mochi.

IMG 2145My grandma made my favourite chicken curry. Love grandma.

IMG 2170

I also caught up with a friend over some german food. Beer with coke was on offer, the coke didn't come thru the beer taste as much as I would've liked.

IMG 2174

It's Brotzeit at 313@Orchard if you were wondering.

IMG 2177

We shared a crunchy pork knuckle.

IMG 2178

Curried sausage with wedges..

IMG 2179

and a Chocolate lava cake. Drool indeed.

IMG 2183

My parents brought me to one of Singapore's best restaurants for lunch one day. Iggy's, which I'll cover in another post.

IMG 2197

Walked past this sign one day. How cute..

IMG 2227

Mochi trying to look like she wasn't bird-watching. Adorable.

IMG 2234

Hope you enjoyed shots from Singapore. More food posts to come.