singapore art museum

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Believe it or not, even though I had lived in Singapore for most of my life, I've never been to the Singapore Art Museum. Of course, that needed to be remedied. So on my last trip, I did a mini Museum day.

After lunch with mum, we went our separate ways and I started with the Singapore Art Museum. I'd missed the major art exhibition by a day so entry to the museum and it's extension , SAM at 8Q, was free. I started at the main building, I loved how corridors, which would've once been open air, were glassed in and air conditioned, making  visit on a hot day that much bearable. The permanent exhbitions were a mix of local (main building) and regional (SAM at 8Q), it was really interesting to see the differences between artists around the region.

However, I reckon the masterpiece is the building, a colonial dream that was formerly a school. Also, how awesome is that dotty dog sculpture?