Sabio by the Sea, Sentosa









I was in Sentosa for 2 days for a mini staycation, courtesy of my grandparents. I had company on the first day but my sister dropped by on the second day to have dinner with me. We went further inland to Quayside Isle at Sentosa Cove, where there were pretty boats and an even prettier view. The plan was actually to have dinner at Kith cafe, but as luck would've had it, it was closed (they close tuesdays). After walking up and down the boardwalk for a bit, we ended up at Sabio by the Sea.

Spanish food as a memory is something the sister and I share, we travelled to the country in 2011 and had ourselves a real adventure. Well, it can't get any realer than finding out that restaurants in Bilbao don't open till 8pm and having to walk around most of the small city to find food.

Anyway, Sabio's spanish food wasn't the most authentic but it was definitely comfort food. ....And then we watched the sun set and all was well.