Recent stamps 030213


stamps0302-2Since the big V-day is coming up, I decided to make some cute v-day themed stamps. I don't celebrate it, being single and all, but it's a cute holiday and who can resist all the hearts and the pink and the teddy bears, omigosh, the teddy bears!

1. Inspired by Chinchin's neon light, which I found a picture of recently. I guess you could use this stamp to label uh, special things.

2. I thought this would be a cute message. It's a bit like baby talk.

3. A whole series of conversation candy and random hearts. Although, 'eat me' and 'be mine' sound pretty vampire-ish. I should rethink that.

Unfortunately, these aren't for sale, although I can do them for requests. I've decided I need more practise before opening my wee shop. ETA. middle of the year.