Recent craft shopping



Believe me when I say this, once you start buying washi tape, you can't stop. I bought some things from MochiThings during the cyber monday sales and one of those items was a washi tape travel case. Let's just say I desperately needed one the moment I saw it. I'm currently on holiday and only half filled the case for last minute christmas wrappings, ended up visiting a few craft shops and now I'm on a washi tape ban for the rest of my trip. (I promise!) I think I can see myself taking this case and random washi tape everywhere from now on.

On the subject of washi tape, I bought a few rolls when I went to The Little Happyshop to pick up an order of carving rubber, and whilst there, saw these adorable coloured carving rubber blocks. They came in 2 types and 8 colours, can't say I know the difference between hard and soft but I have done a comparison between carving blocks made by 5 different companies (3 Japanese and 2 American) that I will post very soon. kinda. maybe. remind me?