Random photos from this week (sept 30 - oct 6)

1. I bought some Orly Kiely biscuit tins from Turner and Lane, except, instead of biscuits, I've been using them as craft storage. How perfect is that?

2. I made some tomato soup to go with french butter on a french loaf. hmm, comfort food.

3. I made a wee card for Violet's new puppy Lottie, she's so cute and that's saying a lot because I'm not dog person.

4. November's issue ViviΒ came with a very cute Lily Brown clutch.

5. I spent most of my saturday at the Harvest WorkroomΒ attending Andrea from Stampel Studio's Macrame class. More on that soon.

Hope everyone had a good week! I hate that the weather's turned again :(