Palace of Versailles, France


This trip happened in the Summer of 2013. 

Versailles is the perfect garden. If you're short on time, I would be quite confident in saying you should skip the palace and just head straight to the gardens. Whilst the palace is crowded and oven-like, the gardens are breezy, relaxing and well worth a walk (leave the mini trains till the end).

This was my second time at the gardens so I didn't feel the need to take that many photos. I merely wore my sunnies and had a great time. We also rented one of the lake boats and took it for a ride, hard work but I felt very parisienne.

Ps. I recommend buying your tickets in advance, although the queue to enter the palace is as long as the queue to buy tickets. Also, if you're just going to the gardens, you can bypass the queue and head straight there, just ask staff for directions.