Open Door Policy, Singapore

There is a corner of Tiong Bahru that is up and coming, it's where eclectic design stores and sophisticated cafes are mixed in amongst public housing. You can't tell it's interesting till you stand in front of the shops and there's something to see every 10 steps.

It's here that my sister brought me for lunch at Open Door Policy, the place has cute handwriting signs (points!), vintage look hardwood floors and interior furniture (points!), a gorgeous skylight (points!), menus that look like ledgers and food deserving of the roving brunch connoisseur.

Sounds like a home run? Unfortunately not. I was disappointed by the tactics pulled by its staff to charge us $8 for a bottle of water. Very sneaky indeed. Instead of asking us if we wanted 'sparkling, still or tap', we were pounced upon as soon as we were seated and only offered 'sparkling or still', no clarification was asked of us and a bottle of $8 Β water opened and poured before we could protest.

If your food is good enough, one really does not need to pull such tricks. ...and the food was good, but diner beware.

Also, I can't get over how the apple crumble (last picture) looks like a fried chicken dish. Am I right?

PS. If you're in the area, I recommend popping into Books Actually for locally published books and zines and strangelets for jewellery and accessories by local designers.