New york: Shake Shack

Mid week cravings gah!Β It's been a few weeks since my New York trip and I'm still having Shake Shack withdrawals. I first heard of Shake Shack on a few blogs and when it came to planning my visit to New York was the first thing to go on the list. It's a modern version of a roadside burger stand and is known for it's burgers, hot dogs and desserts.

Shake shack was literally our first meal after we landed and checked into our hotel. We were lucky enough to stay in the middle of Times Square (the pretty awesome Marriot Marquis) and fortunate that Shake Shack was a street down from the hotel because we were ravenous.

Unfortunately, there was a queue, which was quite common at all times of the day as we learnt over the next couple of days. The queue was so long it snaked out the door, but there was a staff member handing out menus, so the first timers (aka me and my siblings) could peruse said menu and decide. I then stayed in the queue whilst my brother and sister looked for a seat because long queue also equals no empty seats.


Ordering was quite easy, and I got one of these green buzzers so I could go back to the seat my siblings found for me and wait while the food was being prepared. I've seen a few places in Melbourne that use this system and I think it's quite brilliant, more places need to adopt this.


Absolutely packed! It didn't take too long for the food to be ready (thank god!) and I weaved my way back to the counter to pick the food up.


So what did we order? As a first visit, we decided we had to try their namesake, the Shack burger, which comes in single and double. It was orgasmic! I bit into it and the whole thing melted in my mouth. The shake burger is 'less is more', there are no bells and whistles like fancy sauces and additional ingredients in the patty, what it is, is the classic elements of a burger, all done properly and put together, simple with an amazing result.

I have to say, this was the best burger I've ever had, which is probably high praise for what is essentially fast food, but we loved it so much we went back again, and would've gone back everyday if we didn't have so much eating planned.


Also, how cute are the cups?


We went back for the fries and hot dog, but missed out on the frozen desserts. Oh well, something to look forward to going back for. Am I right?


The Shake Shack we visited was located at:

691 8th Avenue (8th Ave & 44th St) Theatre District