New Things Sunday: Comme ça ism and ASOS

I like to think of Sunday as a fresh start to the week so it's a good day to look at any new things I've acquired, especially since I tend to pick up my packages on Saturday. This weekend, I received a few boxes, one of my packages was from ASOS, which I was highly excited about, unfortunately, the pair of jeans I was awaiting arrived damaged and I had to send it back, which means I'll have to start my search for jeans again. Any recommendations? I think I need a pair of J brand jeans...

A bit disappointing, however, the other package was even more exciting! I had recently worn a Comme ça ism giveaway hosted by Sheena Young on her blog: a gorgeous orange ombre scarf and gold leaf necklace, I'm currently boosting my scarf collection and have always a big fan of long necklaces so I'm confident both items will be worn a lot. Thank you so much Sheena!

DSCF4649 2

Scarf and Necklace: Comme ça ism Ring: ASOS Top: Zara basics & Uniqlo pullover

The ASOS package wasn't a complete write off, the ring (pictured above) was gorgeous and I absolutely loved this clutch. It's reminiscent of a Philip Lim 31 hour bag that I'd been eyeing but didn't buy because after seeing it in person, I decided to get the Pashii satchel instead.


Clutch: ASOS Jeans: GAP

The clutch is roomy and easy to carry, it's actually 2 toned (beige in front, black at the back), which means it could be carried with the black in the front, making it versatile. It's so difficult to find a good clutch so I'm happy I found this one from ASOS.

It's been chilly since Winter started, so stay warm and have a great week!