MT Expo, Singapore (and a giveway!)

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Having thought that I had missed the MT expo in Singapore, I was pleasantly to find that it was still running on the weekend I came back. And if you're wondering at the time of this posting, it's still on till 11th August (this Sunday) at Ion Orchard's Art Gallery (4th floor), hurry!

Whilst I'm a huge fan of MT tape, I've never seen so much MT tape in one place. The floor and walls were literally covered in MT Case and of course, everything else was MT tape themed. It was heaven! The first part of the expo was a little exhibition of little houses for children to go in and play, there was also a workshop area and video exhibit which I guess was a bit quiet on a weekday so we bypassed that to the....

MT tape Store! Boxes and boxes, row after row of tape, and a gashapon machine. Where one could try their luck at winning a special edition tape, which I passed because I know me, and I have no luck. Back to the store, unfortunately, I already owned a huge majority of the designs so I really had to search to find some others that I didn't have and I did find some gems, including the Peranakan edition that MT made specially for the expo, and if you spend above SGD50, they gave you a cute MT tape patterned bag to carry your purchases in. I'm such a tape addict, I ended up with 2.

I also picked up an MT makimaki. I have heard whispers of it over the interwebs for awhile and once I saw it in use, I had to have one, and it came with its own limited edition tape, sold! For the uninitiated, a Makimaki is a device that lets you 'decant' your tape into another roll/core. You can roll into another proper roll or you can put a few different tapes on a flat core that is a bit like a sampler card, which you can then swap with someone else, or put it in your notebook and take it everywhere!

Truth be told, I am not quite sure what I will use it for (anyone want to start an MT tape trading group?) but I bought too many of the sampler cards so I am giving away 2 of them, and yes, with tape on it. To enter:

Leave a comment with what you use MT tape for and your favourite colour/colours. ______________________

Terms and conditions: - 1 comment per person. - Open to anyone, anywhere, as long as you have an address I can send it to! - The last day for entries is 20th of August, 2013, not picky about timezone.

I will then pick a few of my favourites that I purchased at the exhibition and from my own collection to add to the sampler that will then find its way to you! So get cracking!

Competition over, thanks to all who participated!

P.S I am not affiliated with MT tape Singapore. I have purchased these products and I just like to share!