Melbourne: Myer Mural Hall High Tea

Some weekends in the summer had been an absolute shocker, the heat has people doing crazy things. I spent most of the weekend forgetting things, I made to the gym only to realise I had forgotten my gym pass and had to go all the way home to retrieve it and back to the gym again.

I also forgot the tickets for the Myer mural hall high tea. Thank goodness all I needed was my name to get in.

I've been dying, absolutely dying to go to the Mural hall high tea since I read about it in the papers, and since it was only held on the last sunday of every month, finding the chance to go was made even more difficult. As fate would have it, my friend's birthday fell on this particular weekend so I suggested we go and of course, we went.

The entrance to the mural hall is via the 6th floor of the Myer, which houses the less than interesting electronics department, the hall itself was amazing and throwback to the 60s era of Art Deco. Just being in that room made me wish that I'd worn a dress, maybe a flapper dress.

Things to note about the high tea:

1. It's held once a month on a sunday from 2-4.30pm, bookings essential.

2. First glass of champers is included in your ticket.

3. There's a live band (at least there was when I attended)

4. If you have less than 8 people in your group, you'll have to share a table with other patrons. There will a bit of awkward passing around of food/drinks.

Now then, on to the food and drink. The table was already spread out when we sat down, there was orange juice and mineral water set around the table and waiters came around with pots of tea or coffee. I only wished they had a selection of tea rather than just the one, which was still a good tea nonetheless, but I do like variety.

How adorable is the teacup, I loved how decorative everything was, I can't comment on whether it was authentic but I certainly enjoyed the attention to detail paid to the entire event.


These chicken sandwiches were laid out in front of individuals instead of stacked like the rest of the food, the bread was soft and the filling not too salty, which can happen with some chicken sandwiches. and can I say I was glad I had an early breakfast and skipped lunch in preparation for this high tea. oh yeah, there's a lot of a food so please do not eat too much before, best to treat it like an actual meal.


The rest of the food is a dual layer lazy susan tray thing (ok I have no idea what it is)

Sweets and scones on the top layer and savouries on the bottom.


We were seated at table 9, even a simple sign looked like it belonged to the art deco era. Attention to detail, attention to detail!


Starting with the savouries, these mini Quiches were amazing, just the right around of pastry to egg filling to bacon. They were polished off rather quickly.


I think these were quiches without the pastry..


Mini Beetroot tarts with goat's curd. So good I had to steal the last one (sorry guys). Oh and I'm not usually a big fan of beetroot. The other sandwiches were pretty normal so we decided to concentrate on the food that wasn't that common in high teas.


Can't have high tea without scones, jam and clotted cream. This was the only item on the platter that came in refills, waiters would come around with huge baskets to refill these.


Were they any good, I'd have to go with meh. I've had better but if you're hungry, they're not too hard and the jam/cream combo never fails to satisfy.



On to Sweets, a small selection of Eclairs and Macarons, just enough after that rather filling savoury selection if you ask me.


Macarons were alright, I've had some amazing ones over the last couple of years and these couldn't even compare.


And of course we had to toast the birthday girl.


While the band was playing and people were chatting and eating, I had the opportunity to walk around the room, tall panels were put up bearing original illustrations by an artist who did them for the room specifically, they were of famous women on history and it felt like a mini exhibition.

I also took the time to admire the interiors. The lines of all the elements in the room were strong and all the colours complimented this.


I could really imagine this room really standing out in its time. I'm glad I got to enjoy it's beauty.


It was definitely one of the better high teas I've experienced in Melbourne.

The Myer mural hall also does events and the images on the website really show off it's true potential. I'd definitely love to go again for high tea. In fact, I think there's a plan with some girlfriends in the works.