Melbourne: Mopho Noodle Bar

I had fried chicken and beer night with Ting today! I love fried chicken so much, I refuse to eat KFC anymore because it's just bad. I love that Ting shares that love of fried chicken with me hence beer and fried chicken night. Mopho Noodle Bar in South Yarra is one of our favourite fried chicken joints. The weird thing though, is that it's obviously a noodle bar and the last time we were there, the fried chicken was an off menu item, you had to request it. We're not big fans of the noodles there, a bit too fusion for us, but they do know how to do a good chilli salt fried chicken AND it's now on the menu, hallelujah.

Mopho is located in Yarra Place, just off a lane next to the train station, it's really quiet on a weeknight so you won't need a booking, they seem to do mostly takeaways. It's a pretty non descript timber exterior:

IMG 3170

We already knew what we were having so the only decisions to be made were of beverage and that was pretty easy too. Hello, if there's Asahi, give it to me!

IMG 3173

You probably didn't need that image, but it's been a while since I've had it…visual reminder.

Oh yes, the chicken. It's a chilli salt fried chicken as I've mentioned before and it's located in the 'starters' area of the menu, 6 for AUD10, order as many as your tummy can take, seriously.

Photo 14 06 12 6 23 37 PM

The 2 of us polished off 24 of these bad boys, we were contemplating another 12 but decided against it, I'm sure I'll live to regret that decision but after craving it most of last week, I'm quite satisfied now.

IMG 3176

I might, just might decide to try its other noodle dishes but as long as they're rolling out this fried chicken, I'm going just for that.

If you love fried chicken, go go go.

P.S if you see these at Costco, buy them! They are amazing!

IMG 3161