Melbourne: Bar Pulpo by Movida

I love travelling not only because I get to visit interesting countries and take a break from my everyday life but I happen to have a thing for Airport terminals. Singapore airport is my favourite airport, there's so much to do, it's so good that when I first came to Melbourne, I was quite disappointed, I expected a first world country like Australia to have amazing airports, alas, that was not the case, that is, untilΒ  the last few years. The airport has really been getting better and better, parking is still ridiculously expensive but at least they've got celebrity chef's opening up restaurants there, the only catch is they're mostly located after customs and therefore not easily accessible by non travellers (except for Cafe Vue, which now has a small presence in the international terminal near the check in counters. read: no sitting space)

One of the recent additions is Bar Pulpo by Movida. I'd tried cafe vue and would've gone there but can't help myself when it comes to trying new things, especially if said food is by Movida (I love Movida next door).

Tip: I check in 3 hours before flying so I can explore the terminal, also because the customs line can be long and the sooner I get that over with, the better.

Bar Pulpo is opposite Cafe Vue, as it is a tapas bar, the bar seating area is the most visible part of its footprint. Colourful and exactly what I would expect from Movida.


There's plenty more space inside, with a handy flight screen. I love that wall, I'm currently obsessed with chevron patterns.


I ordered a sandwich and a jam donut, which could've been warmed up but the jam more than made up for that oversight.


RIP bag, I took this ASOS bag along with me to New York, it's been with me on several trips but I had planned to buy a new bag and knew full well I was going to have to throw this one away. It has served me well but sacrifices have to be made.


The Reuben Sandwich, with corned beef, sauerkraut and pickles. It was sweet, salty and sour all at the same time, really good for a quick bit but I could eat one half of it. I would recommend this to share with maybe something else from the tapas selection.


It may not look like it but as I was holding on to the sandwich to eat, it was dripping olive oil, made quite a big puddle too which would've turned me off if the sandwich weren't so delicious.

Also, expect to pay something 12AUD for this sandwich. I know, ouch.


The food at Bar Pulpo is definitely not your usual cafe fare, it's better, in fact, it's far from the days when the best thing you could get at the airport was fast food. If you need a meal at the airport, I'm glad to say that there are now choices.