Melbourne: A Caterpillar's dream

Buddhist cuisine is something I don't partake in often enough. I've probably only been to a mock meat restaurant once in Melbourne and it was not really something to write home about. However, when Violet and James suggested we try A Caterpillar's Dream in Kew that was recommended by a similar place in Brisbane that they used to frequent, I was quite excited. I think the creativity needed to create buddhist cuisine is interesting and always a good surprise. First impressions of the place were pleasant, it was bigger than I imagined and if I didn't know it was a vegan place, I would've thought it was a regular cafe. It had quite a few tables, it was almost full of people and the menu was quite extensive, it had vegetarian, vegan and even gluten free choices, which I thought was clever and made it accessible to all sort of diners.

We were really hungry when we arrived so we decided and ordered quickly. It was a little disappointing that unlike it's brisbane counterpart, A Caterpillar's Dream did not bubble tea.

We started with some entrees to share, shallow fried dumplings, the vegetable filling was well seasoned and we all loved the sauce!


Sweet potato wedges with sour cream, unlike the sweet potato wedges I'm used to, these were covered in a batter and deep fried, I have no idea what is in that batter, I just know that it was extremely delicious, even better with the sour cream, which is a $2 option.


James had the mini brioche burger with chips, isn't the plating adorable? For someone who doesn't eat vegetables, he really enjoyed it.


Violet had the veggie sweet and sour 'pork' bento, I only tried a bit of the 'pork' and it had the texture of pork and once again, a very tasty sauce. I reckon I would order this the next time I went.


I had the Thai and 'seafood' rice, I found the simulated seafood impressive, the calamari even had the diamond cut marks on it that one usually applies before cooking, It was also topped with almonds which gave the dish some texture. It was a good rendition of a classic thai dish although I did find it a bit too spicy for my liking.


A Caterpillar's dream was an interesting find, especially in the growing food centred suburb of Kew. I would go again and again, the menu leaves room for a lot more exploration, oh and if you need another reason to go, there's a gourmet food market in the area.