Japan Instagram Roundup


I just came back from a short trip to Japan, it was my 4th time and my parent's first so I was their tour guide. Here are the highlights (via instagram):

1. Can't go to Japan without buying a melon pan from the conbini. 2. Fat seal at the Kaiyukan. 3. I never get sick of jellyfish. 4. Checking out the newest Osaka mall, Grand front. 5. Yodobashi camera is the best place for camera accessories. I kitted out my 6D there. 6.Β Big spider at Koyasan. 7, 8 & 9. Kaiseki cuisine and the peaceful morning after at our lovely Hakone Ryokan. 10. My overstuffed travel bag. 11. I found this book at the conbini in Tokyo, haven't tried it out yet. 12. Tokyo sky tree limited tokyo banana, super delicious, too bad we didn't make it up to the observation deck. 13. 3 Michelin star dinner at Sushi Yoshitake. Amazing. 14. I hunted down a disney store just for this uniBEARsity plush. 15. New love of my life, a comb hairdryer I found at Don Quixote. 16. People watching at Hachiko whilst waiting for Judy.

More comprehensive photo posts coming, stay tuned :)

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