I Scream Nails @ Heroes and Villains

I love nail art, but I tend to never do it myself because I'm impatient and it can be fiddly. Excuses excuses I know. I'll find the patience if someone else does it for me though, and since my sister was in town, I booked us in for nail art with I Scream Nails. Where do I find these things? I subscribe to newsletters from The Thousands and Broadsheet, I suggest you do too, there's always something going on

I Scream Nails is a pop up shop by Celia, her cute nail art is all hand drawn, which makes it even more amazing! She's usually located in the North and her pop up is currently at Heroes and Villains. If you're located in the east like I am, trust me, it is worth the trip. The sister and I had our appointments at the same time, her nails were done by Tracy (pictured above) whilst mine were painted by Celia. You can choose nail designs from the wheels available and there are so many colour and design combinations you can request, you can check out previous combinations on the Facebook page.

To be honest, we kind of went in with a vague idea of what we wanted but changed our minds completely when we were there. The sister ended up choosing a 4 seasons type scene on her nails and I went with a more geometric crosses and triangles design. I love the colours that were available and the designs were so cute. So cute in fact, we were stopped numerous times during the rest of the day to be complimented and asked about them.

Oh by the way, it's AUD35 for a full set of nails. Check out her Facebook page to find out where her shop lands next!