Hong Kong Day 3 Pt 1

Our third day in Hong Kong saw us with time in the morning to spare before our lunch date with the sister's friend so I convinced everyone to go down the street to The One, a mall with the most confusing up/down system every. Din had recommended the zakka store Lost and FoundΒ but unfortunately, it didn't open till around lunchtime so..no go. We did end up having a bit of a wander around the mall and discovered they were doing a tie-up with Rilakkuma. There was a wee Rilakkuma cafe and everything, so cute.

For the lunch appointment, we walked thru some of Tsim Sha Tsui to Hotel Icon, where we had Yum Cha at Above and Beyond, a sophisticated cantonese restaurant with an amazing view of the bay. I'd recommend both the Siu yuk and the Roasted duck pineapple buns (the ones with the snowy top), the Siu yuk had the perfect crunch and the buns were literally melt in your mouth. By the way, if you were wondering, there are 2 pairs of chopsticks, one for picking up your food from the communal dishes, the other pair for actual eating. It was a bit confusing, but a really good system.

Next: Causeway Bay & Harbour City.