Hong Kong Day 2 Pt 2

After spending most of our second day in Central, we hauled all our shopping back to the hotel and took a short rest. I took advantage of the time to do some research and find out what we could have nearby for dinner. I found Tsui Wah, which was described on Frommer's as:

...down-home chain of very popular restaurants, serving what might be described as Hong Kong comfort food and low-brow international fare prepared for the Chinese palate.

They were not kidding, there was everything from curries to chicken rice as well as hotdogs. I was delighted to find out that it looked exactly like the family chain restaurants I saw in the Hong Kong dramas I watched as a kid. It's like stepping into a small screen set. We sat upstairs, which had a good view of both the street and the upstairs kitchen, I loved how the sauces were individually labelled, and as I found out later in the trip, was not uncommon. For a restaurant that's part of a large chain, the food was surprisingly good. It wasn't amazing but it was cheap, fast and tasty, that's all one really needs on holiday, am I right?

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