Hong Kong Day 2 Pt 1

On our second day in Hong Kong, we took the MTR to Central. We were too early for yum cha so we wandered down a couple of streets to check out the new temporary store design at Chanel. All I can is that it was really gold and shiny, like a runway in a closet. After that we went back to Tsui Hang Village (located in the office building, New World Tower) for some hearty yum cha, we ordered all our usual favorites but the char siew was the best, all the raving other people had done was not for nothing.

Oh yes, we were in Central for a specific reason and that was to shop at COS. What's so special about this store? It's the only COS store outside of Europe, it opened recently and for the record, you can't buy from the european COS online stores unless you have a locally issued credit card (believe, I've tried, nothing else worked) We ended up spending a lot of time there, naturally.

Our final stop at Central was the Central - Mid levels escalator. It's the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world and I was excited to see it, unfortunately, the first set of escalators was broken and my sister and mother decided they didn't want to walk up, so I didn't make it past the first step. Disappointing but I guess there's always next time.

P.S I love the HKD10 note, it's purple, which is my favorite colour! <3 and how cute are the trams, skinny and tall.

Next, Day 2 Dinner: Tsui Wah Restaurant.