Hong Kong Day 1

So yes, Hong Kong. Would you believe it was my first visit to the shopping paradise that is Hong Kong? I've actually never been to any of the countries in that area (i.e Taipei, China)

Our first impressions were not that great, after a quick 4 hours flight, we found ourselves at the end of a massive immigration queue, it must've taken us around 45 minutes to an hour just to make it to the luggage hall, followed by a further 30 mins, figuring out which belt our luggage was on, changing money and getting to the taxi stand.

After finally making it to the hotel (we stayed at the Holiday Inn Kowloon), it was already almost 4pm and we really overdue for lunch. We hot-footed it to the nearest mall for food, we found iSquare opposite and had some ramen, not the best first meal but it'll do.

We spent the rest of our evening walking around Harbour City, which was a short 5 minute walk from the hotel. We tucked into comfort food at Canton Deli.

I loved the Kowloon city lights at night and the retro ice cream truck in front of a luxury store we saw on our way home.

Day 2: Central