Hello Sandwich! Workshop @ Craft Victoria

Hello Sandwich! was in Melbourne for a month long residency and as a big fan, I was sad to find that I'd missed out on her Harvest Workshop sessions but as soon as I'd discover she was doing workshops at Craft Victoria, I signed up straightaway.

It was a paper notebook workshop and I had so much fun hearing about her journey, Japan stories and learn new techniques from her. I think I might've been a bit too engrossed in my notebook to engage in conversation at one point, the materials on the table had so much potential I didn't want to miss out on any one of them, a particular weakness of mine, to be honest.

I learned so much and it was so inspiring, everybody's notebooks were pretty amazing. I even got a picture with the lady herself, exciting!

After the workshop, I stopped by Wagamama for lunch, I think the bentos have improved. yum.