Hair Day with Violet

 Factorie Jeans | LifewithBird Vest | All Saints Shirt | Alexander Wang Jacket | Kate Spade Arm Cuff

Action by Essie Nail Colour

 A few weeks ago, the lovely Violet offered to teach me the art of hair curling with a flat iron. I was quick to learn that my hair wasn't long enough for curling, although the technique would no doubt be useful when it does finally grow out. Unfortunately, I ended up looking like the cat lady from the Simpsons the next day, thank god for ponytails.

After the hair lesson and some girly talk, James made us oven baked donuts, with icing and cute toppings too! I thought my nail polish matched the icing. We ate the donuts and they introduced me to the amazing show that is 'Community'.

Simple weekends like that are the best, are they not?