Grand Designs Live Melbourne 2012

I'd spent quite a few weeks deciding if I should go to Grand Designs Live 2012 or not. I have been to a few home/garden shows but they have never really been very entertaining. I knew Grand Designs Live was bringing Kevin McCloud in but when I found out he was only going to be at the Melbourne Show, I figured it was fate and bought tickets immediately.

We made it in time to attend his '100 Grand Designs' presentation at the Lifestyle Grand Theatre. It was short and sweet but interesting, especially his responses to the questions posed by the audience at the Q&A session. After the presentation, he headed over to the Dymocks booth where there was a book signing, there wasn't a lot of time but we managed to get our books signed. It's the first time I've gotten a book signed. Exploring the rest of the show, I realised that it was quite well laid out, there were different sections for outdoors, kitchen and bathrooms, building and interiors, and the major booths were spread out amongst the smaller booths that made it quite easy to explore. My favourite booths were the Miele Kitchen Theatre, and the Phillips Lighting house of the future, where we stopped to hear about inventions such as the Dyson fan. We also headed back to the Grand Theatre on our way out to catch the last half of the 'Ten Essential Elements of Grand Design' presentation by Bryce Holdaway and Veronica Morgan (of Location Location Location Australia fame) . Whether you have an interest in Architecture/Interior Design or you're planning to do up your home, you're sure to find something useful at the show, I'd recommend dropping by.

Grand Designs Live 2012 is on till Sunday September the 23rd. The show will be in Sydney from 5-7 October 2012 (sadly, no Kevin but the host of the Australia Grand Designs, Peter Maddison will be there)