Good Weather Weekend

Zara shirt | Lifewithbird shorts | Country Road tights | socks unknown | Zara biker boots | Alexander Wang bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs Necklace

Alexander Wang jacket | Inoui Scarf | Shoes from Taobao Off the shoulder nail polish by Essie

Outdoor set taken by Din Wong

Dressing for the weekend was made easier by the fact that the statement: 'It's going to be a nice and warm this weekend' was all over the news last week. I'd picked up those Lifewithbird shorts at their pop up sale only a week before so I considered it perfect timing. I originally wore those Zara boots but Din convinced me to break in my new shoes from Taobao (based on Simone Rocha), I did get a bit of attention in them, which was the point of the shoes. My feet were in quite a bit of pain at the end of the day, brought on my inexperience in wearing heels, and breaking in new shoes. ow.

We went to check out Design:Made:Trade at the Royal Exhibition building at the Carlton gardens, but that turned out to be quite a disappointment so we walked over to the Melbourne Museum and checked out the Mesopotamia exhibition instead. It was really interesting and well laid out, if you're looking for something indoors to do, do take a look at that.

p.s I apologise for the blog looking messy. it's currently a work in progress, do bear with me. thanks!