Gardens By The Bay - Bakerz Inn & General Area

Early in the year, when I was back in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay hadn't opened yet so when it was launched, I really wanted to go, it looked like paradise on earth. So we planned to spend the entire afternoon there, and I assure you, you'd definitely want to put that time aside. I

Parking at Marina Bay Sands, we walked through the shoppes and over the bridge that connected to the Gardens. Most of the gardens are open to the public including the F&B outlets, the only places that require a paid ticket are the 2 domes and the skywalk (which is somewhere amongst those massive tree structures). By the time we reached the end of the bridge, we were feeling overheated, but there was a way to go so we managed to drag ourselves to the nearest cafe for lunch, this happened to bakerzin and I was never happier to see an iced tea. The place wasn't air conditioned but it was cool enough under the shade and the caesars salad I had helped cool me down.

After lunch, we went to the entrance to the domes to buy tickets. The domes were massive so they will now require their own posts.

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