fiveday - flowers


This is my attempt at bringing back last year's '5 things friday', which never really got off the ground.

I see so many wonderful things every time I go through my RSS reader, pinterest and even things other people post that I wanted to find a way to share them without making a post for each thing (which also didn't seem to work well).

This week's theme is flowers and to some extent the colour purple.

1. I love this painted floral purse DIY by 'Studs and Pearls'. I'm amazed that she took a cake icing technique and applied it to make this gorgeous bag.

2. I'm learning to crochet and I hope I can make flowers like these by ARTcrochet on Etsy someday.

3. How cool is this transparent LED colour changing vase called a Lumiware by Philips.

4. I want a whole wall of Lovestar's handmade vases. It will brighten up an entire room!

5. Gorgeous flower constructions made out of pressed flowers and paper by Anne Ten Donkelaar. The detail is amazing.

You know what, go buy yourself a bunch of flowers this weekend, you deserve it!