Fat Cow, Singapore

Sometimes I spot a restaurant in an Interior Design magazine and I want to dine there regardless of how the food is reviewed. Yea, the thing about appearance pulling people in? Works very well on me. I'm a total sucker for a good looking interior.

Fat Cow was on my radar for almost a year before I finally made it. I went with my family with me since we all love Japanese food and new restaurants. The main dining area is communal bar seating that surrounds the grills.

How amazing is that ceiling? It felt intimate but not in a 'this space is too small' manner. Fat Cow has a very affordable lunch menu, salad, soup, chawanmushi, a main and desert. Since it's a grill, I went with the Wagyu Donburi for my main which was grilled in front of me and tasted succulent and perfect. It was so good, I was left lamenting the fact that asian portions are so small despite the fact that I was in a food coma the rest of the afternoon. If you love wagyu, go here!

The only weird thing about this place? It's in medical centre at the edge of the Orchard road shopping district.