DIY: Mini Succulent Garden

Starting the Monday off with an easy peasy DIY project. I received a Succulent from a watercolour class I attended and since it came in a generic black pot, I decided it would be nice to repot it along with some other succulents. They're such a pretty plant and require very little maintenance, I came back from a 2 week trip and I only needed to water it before I left and it looked better than when I left it.

Succulent Garden in a bowl You'll need:

  • A bowl or pot with a tray for water to drain into
  • 3-4 Succulents
  • All purpose potting mix
  • Stones
  • A small piece of mesh or newspaper or empty teabag
  • Trowel

Everything above can be found in your local garden shop, you might need to go to a boutique garden shop for prettier succulents.Β 


  1. Place the mesh or newspaper or empty teabag at the bottom of the bowl/pot, this is so the water can drain out and not take the soil out too.Β 
  2. Fill the bowl to 3/4 with the potting mix.
  3. Take the succulents out of their original pots and arrange them in the new bowl/pot, then cover the roots with soil, make sure to cover the soil up to the point where the soil originally covered in the previous pot, so as to not dry the plant out.Β 
  4. Once you're happy with the placement of the plants/soil, top it off with stones, this will not only add a decorative look but prevent the soil from drying out too quickly.Β 
  5. Water your plant. (I'm currently doing this once every 2 weeks but I reckon it's a matter of trial and error)
  6. Enjoy your pretty mini garden.Β 
I'd like to do something bigger in the future, but there's a lot of uncertainty in my life at the moment. I'm just happy to know I can enjoy this mini garden and if anything happens, I can at least find someone who'll take it, and hopefully, they'll like it too :)Β