DIY: Laptop Cover Method 1/2

I've posted pictures of this DIY on my instagram account and there's been requests for a tutorial. The pink laptop was the original DIY and it's (as you can guess) my personal laptop. I used vinyl cut with a Silhouette and since not everyone has access to one of those and/or don't want to buy one just for this one project, I've concocted a relatively simple alternative. Of course, this method has style restrictions but it's quicker, easier and looks just as unique as the vinyl cut version.

I made this one for my sister, who requested a cover with her nickname and the colour, mint.

You'll need:

  • Laptop cover (optional, you can choose to do this straight on your laptop), you can get covers from your local apple or accessories store, I use covers from Speck. If you're wondering, the pink case is from the SeeThru range and the black is from the Smartshell Satin range.
  • A selection of Washi tape in your favorite colours/patterns
  • Adhesive cut out alphabets, I use Thickers by American Crafts. You can get these or a similar product at any scrap booking store. If you tend to carry your laptop out a lot, I'd recommend the foam thickers, I've found that they are more durable. I used glitter foam thickers in this tutorial.


1. Pick the main washi tape colours/patterns you want to use. 2. Mock up your design if required, the good thing about washi tape is that your can rearrange it as many times as you want. I want for a relatively simple design because the case was black and I just needed something to form the background. 3. Smooth over the tape once you've reached a final design, if going over the edges to the inside of the case, use scotchtape to secure the ends so that it won't come loose. 4. Apply the Thickers (and any other stickers you want). 5. Attach the case onto your laptop and enjoy! I'd suggest leaving a book or something similar over the design/thickers for a few hours to allow the adhesive to adhere properly.

Thickers come in a pack with a few of each letter, remember to keep in a place you'll remember so you can replace letter if they fall off.

The next part is the same tutorial except with suggestions for obtaining custom cut vinyl and additional design tips for those of you who would like a more personalised option.

I've love to hear if you've done this tutorial! Please leave a comment if you do :)