DIY: Foam Stamps

A quick DIY for those of you wanting to make your own wrapping paper!

DIY Foam Stamp You'll need: Sheets of foam (most art and craft stores, such as Riot or Spotlight) should sell this, adhesive preferred. Acrylic blocks (for mounting pre-cut stamps) Craft knife and/or Scissors Cutting mat Double sided tape (or use adhesive foam sheets) Pencil Ink pad

Steps: 1. Cut out a piece of foam the same size as the acrylic block. Unlike rubber stamps, foam stamps are really soft so they do require the acrylic in order to make a proper impression when it comes to printing. 2. Draw your design onto the foam piece. 3. (only required if the foam is not already adhesive) Stick double sided tape on the foam piece. 4. Cut out the shapes. 5. Stick the shapes onto the acrylic block in the order required. Optional: Repeat the steps on the other side of the block if you want a mirrored pattern. 6. Stamp stamp stamp away! Use brown paper for a simple gift wrapper.

Note: This stamp making method tends to work for bigger and less complicated shapes unless you're seriously good at using the scissors.