crowded teeth fancy stamp ring set

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Kickstarter is a great to find interesting projects to support. of the 13 or so projects I've funded, there's probably only 1 project that doesn't seem to be going anyway, but that's another story.Β The crowded teeth fancy stamp ring has to be my favorite project so far.

The fancy stamp ring is created by Michelle Romo, an illustrator. It's really quirky and different in that it's a few wooden laser cut round stamps that can be mounted on a ring via a magnet, and you can interchange them depending on your mood or the Β letter that you're writing.

When I received the stamp set, it came with some beautiful postcards, stickers and a button. The stamps came with a cute laser cut wooden storage box, very handy for the small, probably really easy to lose, stamps. Of course I went with the full set, which came with a ring (you can pick a size) and all 9 stamps, some were adorable faces, and the rest, little phrases like 'you're neat'.

Michelle has said that she might create more stamp designs in the future, but I think I might give carving my own to fit in the ring a try. I'm always up for a challenge.

Want a set? You can get them here.