Create by kikki.K

The annual family Christmas calendar is a tradition that started 4 years ago. This year is the first time we've used the same service 2 years in a row. I absolutely adore the changes kikki.K have made to their Create software/service, the scrapbook style is really fun and I've been able to put together some eye catching layouts. It was also really easy, it took me less than 2 days to edit the photos, and lay them out in the software, and once you're done, just send it through. The option to pickup from a store at no additional charge is, in my opinion, what makes this service worthwhile. The paper quality for the matte prints are buttery smooth, and if you want something more luxurious, there's a premium matte paper available which I've yet to try. I think this year's calendar is the best one yet!

My only wish is that kikki.K add more clipart in the software, I did find the choice to be a bit limited.