coin laundry, armadale vic

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One hot summer day, my friend Ting and I decided it was time we popped over to the next suburb to check it. After we'd had some food that is...

Coin Laundry is one of those places that became popular as soon as it opened, people hyped about it but you don't realise how close it is until you actually get in a car and go there. Well, the good thing is we didn't need to queue, it was too hot to queue anyway. We grabbed a couple of seats at the one communal bar table and ordered some orange juices. Did I mention it was really hot that day?

Our food didn't take long to arrive. Even though it was already lunchtime, we chose to order brunch, my favorite meal of the day. Ting got her usual eggs benedict and I ordered a spanish breakfast. I'm currently obsessed with smoked salmon in scrambled eggs so it was absolutely perfect.

If the name of the cafe was anything to go by, the place did feel like a hip version of a coin laundry conversion, I loved all the little touches, from the little paper laundry line to the sails in the ceiling and the roll of brown paper announcing the day's specials.

The only downside is parking but it's very accessible by train and the Armadale shopping strip is worth the trip, especially if you're wedding dress shopping.