Cloudy Apple

I received a package from the lovely Jess at Cloudy Apple last week. Cloudy Apple is an Adelaide-based stationery/craft online store, they specialised in Korean and Japanese style stationery and anyone who knows me would know that that's my weakness. The package from Jess was so lovingly packed, from the masking tape to my name in stickers, I almost couldn't bear to unwrap it and instead had to settle for gingerly taking the paper apart and saving it to be reused for future projects.

Jess included all the things I would pick for myself at any stationery store. Especially the cloud and leaf sticky notes, I am actually a secret collector of cute sticky notes and happen to own a small box of them, some are so pretty I can't bear to use them sometimes and these are no different. I reckon they would make a great stocking stuffer, or include them with a cute diary present, I use heaps in my paper diaries, the uses are endless!

Also in the package were a bunch of beautiful masking tape sheets, stickers, gift tags, magnets, a camera stamp and labels. Stay tuned next week for a few DIY/craft projects featuring these items. I saw the travel stickers and thought they were perfect for something I'd been planning, I can't wait to show you what I've done with them.

The best thing about Cloudy Apple is not just that it's a local business but it takes all the hassle out of buying Japanese/Korean stationery, the number of times I've sat in front of my computer and spent hours deciphering korean letters and hoping I'd ordered the right thing is not something I like to do very often. With Cloudy apple, you know what you're getting, the prices are admittedly very close to what I'd expect to pay if I were in Korea or Japan and free shipping over $50 (a total incentive to get that extra notepad you're eyeing), I know I'm definitely eyeing a few things already. You?

Disclaimer: Products were provided for consideration, opinions and commentary are my own.