Maker's Block 2014

DSCF6892 After a spot of craft shopping at Chinatown, my friend Ade and I decided to stop by Maker's Block, "a build, craft and design experience" held at Suntec City. I spotted the event announcement on Instagram and since I've never heard of this previously, I assumed that this was the first time it was being held, and you could definitely see its growing pains.

The booths were a good mix and were quite interesting. I loved the book table and the various DIY craft booths. There were lots of events going on as well for all ages and since we had an hour to spare, Ade and I wanted to join the miniature clay workshop. Having spoken to the people running the workshop early on, we headed to the desk she pointed out to us to do sign up, we were then directed to the back of the event hall to sign up instead, which we were quite happy to do. Unfortunately, once we found the table, there was a confusion of sorts as the people there tried to direct us back to the original desk we were at.

In the end, we decided it wasn't worth the trouble and left the event for some tea. It was a little bit disorganised but such a promising event is worth the trip to check out. I hope it comes back next year.

DSCF6874 DSCF6875 DSCF6891 DSCF6889 DSCF6883 DSCF6885 DSCF6890

Bonus! Teatime at Gelare, I haven't had the waffles there in years, this is the churro waffle with strawberry and chocolate caramel ice cream. yum. DSCF6899

Hobba, prahran

hobba1 IMG_0037




I bought a new camera last week, finally updating my old canon 40D to a full frame 6D. Besides kicking myself for not making the leap earlier, I've been taking it out on mini test runs all week. We stopped by Hobba for lunch and I was pleasantly surprised to see a few changes to the place since my last visit, more tables, that lovely poster and a bigger kitchen. The menu also underwent a change so it was nice to try all new dishes. My friend, D, had the bubble and squeak which had a really interesting brown butter hollandaise sauce. Meanwhile, I ordered the braised pork, and the combination of the fried egg, tear apart pork, radish and sauce made for a perfect brunch meal. Hobba is such a nice warehouse space to have a meal with friends, I don't know why I don't come here more often.

As for the 6D, I don't know how I'm going to get any use out of my Fuji X-pro. Sure the Fuji is more compact and the images are fantastic but the full frame is amazing. It might just be a case of the new and the shiny so we'll just have to see.

Hobba is located at: 428 Malvern Road, Prahran, VIC, Australia

Open Door Policy, Singapore

There is a corner of Tiong Bahru that is up and coming, it's where eclectic design stores and sophisticated cafes are mixed in amongst public housing. You can't tell it's interesting till you stand in front of the shops and there's something to see every 10 steps.

It's here that my sister brought me for lunch at Open Door Policy, the place has cute handwriting signs (points!), vintage look hardwood floors and interior furniture (points!), a gorgeous skylight (points!), menus that look like ledgers and food deserving of the roving brunch connoisseur.

Sounds like a home run? Unfortunately not. I was disappointed by the tactics pulled by its staff to charge us $8 for a bottle of water. Very sneaky indeed. Instead of asking us if we wanted 'sparkling, still or tap', we were pounced upon as soon as we were seated and only offered 'sparkling or still', no clarification was asked of us and a bottle of $8  water opened and poured before we could protest.

If your food is good enough, one really does not need to pull such tricks. ...and the food was good, but diner beware.

Also, I can't get over how the apple crumble (last picture) looks like a fried chicken dish. Am I right?

PS. If you're in the area, I recommend popping into Books Actually for locally published books and zines and strangelets for jewellery and accessories by local designers.

Fat Cow, Singapore

Sometimes I spot a restaurant in an Interior Design magazine and I want to dine there regardless of how the food is reviewed. Yea, the thing about appearance pulling people in? Works very well on me. I'm a total sucker for a good looking interior.

Fat Cow was on my radar for almost a year before I finally made it. I went with my family with me since we all love Japanese food and new restaurants. The main dining area is communal bar seating that surrounds the grills.

How amazing is that ceiling? It felt intimate but not in a 'this space is too small' manner. Fat Cow has a very affordable lunch menu, salad, soup, chawanmushi, a main and desert. Since it's a grill, I went with the Wagyu Donburi for my main which was grilled in front of me and tasted succulent and perfect. It was so good, I was left lamenting the fact that asian portions are so small despite the fact that I was in a food coma the rest of the afternoon. If you love wagyu, go here!

The only weird thing about this place? It's in medical centre at the edge of the Orchard road shopping district.