blogshop melbourne 2012

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Blogshop Melbourne was the best thing I did in 2012.

Blogshop is run by Bri of Designlovefest and Angela of Angela & Ithlye and it's a 2 day photoshop workshop aimed specifically at bloggers.

It was the first time the duo were in Australia running workshops and after much thought, I signed up and found myself at Rokeby Studios one weekend in December.

We each got a goodie bag and delicious healthy lunch was provided. I met so many interesting people as well. I'm in awe of the talent really. The photoshop lessons were exactly what I needed, it's something I can apply in every blogpost, even in non-blogging situations. They also provided blogging advice and an awesome profile photoshoot. The results can be found here.

The most important thing I took away from the workshop however, was not a photoshop skill but a piece of advice:

Define your style.

That right there is the only reason you need to attend blogshop.