Bittenbefore's Photo Meme: What's in your bag?

I call this the Bittenbefore's photo meme because it was started by the lovely Judy ~The one I'm doing today is the 'Whats in your bag' edition.

1. Cellphone/Mobile phone. Β This is my first iPhone, a 4S, I converted over from blackberry and I've never looked back. This is the case I almost always use, it's a purple foil/transparent monogram case by Marc by Marc Jacobs, I also have this in black but that's been abused quite a bit. I like this one more because purple is my favourite colour.


2. Wallet Purse: I love this Chanel purse, it's a classic quilted long wallet and never goes out of style. I was actually looking for the one that had the white logo, but they didn't have that so I settled for this. Still love it lots.


The inside is a nice bright pink, I get compliments on it all that time and my reply is always 'It's easier to locate when in my bag' and the other party always agrees. You probably can't see it, but it's getting a fair bit dirty. :(


3. Something in your wallet: Some of my reward cards, I only keep the ones I use often with me. On the right are my bubble tea cards, can't live without them. The flower is one of those cards you spray perfume on instead of your wrist, I can't remember where I got it but it's been in my wallet ever since and I can't bear to throw it away.


4. Makeup you carry on the go. I've covered the contents of my makeup pouch in a previous post.


5. Whatever else you wish to share from your bag. My notebook has it's own carrying case. It's a Rhodia plain page notebook, a few pens and some sticky notes I picked up in our New York hotel's gift shop. Pouch from Mochithings.


Also, my Myki (public transport) cards, the cards itself are a horrible green, so I've made them cuter by applying stickers and putting them in adorable card cases (All from Artbox).


And finally, my work bag. Balenciaga Giant City in Anthracite.


Do go over to Judy's blog and join in the memes :)

I look forward to the next one!