5 Things Friday: Samples and Empties

5 Random beauty items and samples I used on my recent holiday.

1. I picked up this bodywash in Hong Kong at Sasa. It was just there at the counter and I bought it on impulse because of the interesting bottle and design. Nothing very special about it otherwise. 2. Grapefruit cleanser from Muji, love the smell but doesn't feel like it's really cleaning my face, seems a bit too smooth. 3. A constant favorite of mine. Aesop facial hydrating cream. I think this is my 3rd bottle and they take a long time to finish! 4. Shampoo and conditioner from a Bella Box a few months ago. I love the smell but it doesn't do much for my hear. 5. Myer had these benefit gift packs and I picked up the skincare sample pack. Perfect for travel. Comes with the cleanser, toner, moisturiser, eye cream, day cream and face polish. All for AUD24, good deal?