crochet and i


Crochet and I have a sordid past. I first learnt how to crochet from our housekeeper, I think it was only the basic stitch and I did nothing but lines then, suffice to say, that interest died out after a while. The second time, I was in high school and I bought a book and tried to teach myself but that fell flat. The third time, I took a short class at the new defunct 'Stitches and Craft' show. I made a granny square for the first time, I was hooked, or so I thought. My foundation wasn't as strong as I thought and shortly after, I stopped crocheting.

This year, I've made it my mission to learn it or leave it. I'd been slowly collecting yarn and needles hoping to take another class but this time I've chosen to do an online course via Craftsy. I bought the basic crochet class and I'm doing it slowly. Last week, I started with the basics and single crochet. I won't watch the next part till I've finished 5 sample swatches. It's certainly been challenging crocheting with different yarns and I've discovered that I need to go up a half size when it comes to the needle.

Hopefully this will stick. I can't give up yet.