Behind the Scenes


I was the lighting assistant on a recent Bonweekend shoot. This was a Chinese New Year shoot and we were fortunate to know someone with a gorgeous period house that we could shoot in. The house was light in all the right places and there was plenty about it to appreciate. In between pictures, while the model was changing and lighting adjustment wasn't needed, I would walk around and take photos of the house.

My favourite is the spiral staircase at the entrance, definitely a bold statement for such a house.









Little drom store / ( relocating)


The Little Drom Store is my favourite kind of store. Half minimalist cake shop, half zakka store. You can pick your cake and tea on one side and spend as much as time as your need going through every nook and cranny and discovering little wonders everywhere.

The store's Ann Siang location was lovely but I've recently heard that they're moving so I'm looking forward to visiting when they settle in their new home.













This trip took place in Summer 2013.

Amsterdam is one of those places I had always wanted to visit. We stayed in a pretty interesting boutique hotel, which was a converted hospital (might have been a mental hospital), where we had to work out how to stay in a room where the toilet didn't have a door, let's just it involved communication and headphones...

I don't know if I would want to visit Amsterdam again, on one hand, I loved watching the locals on their bikes, the things they could do whilst riding their very pretty bikes was pretty mind boggling, I also loved the canals, architecture, the country side was really pretty but I wouldn't go back because of the weather. It was meant to be summer but with 180deg rain and strong winds, I found it hard to cope and fell sick. Also, the food was decidedly uninspiring...

Places I would recommend in Amsterdam: Art Unlimited for their staggering collection of postcards and the Anne Frank Museum (book tickets beforehand, queuing in the rain was really not fun).



















Eiffel Tower, Paris


This trip took place in Summer 2013.

One can't possibly go to Paris and not see the Eiffel tower in person. Unfortunately, our trip coincided with the Eiffel tower staff strike, which meant nobody could go up to the observation deck. Disappointing for my friend since it was her first visit but I'd been up there before so it wasn't a big deal. I did enjoy the fact that I was there during 'golden hour' and so we spent some time eating terrible french crepes and crowd watching.






Palace of Versailles, France


This trip happened in the Summer of 2013. 

Versailles is the perfect garden. If you're short on time, I would be quite confident in saying you should skip the palace and just head straight to the gardens. Whilst the palace is crowded and oven-like, the gardens are breezy, relaxing and well worth a walk (leave the mini trains till the end).

This was my second time at the gardens so I didn't feel the need to take that many photos. I merely wore my sunnies and had a great time. We also rented one of the lake boats and took it for a ride, hard work but I felt very parisienne.

Ps. I recommend buying your tickets in advance, although the queue to enter the palace is as long as the queue to buy tickets. Also, if you're just going to the gardens, you can bypass the queue and head straight there, just ask staff for directions.









Public Garden & Happy new year


2013 is over. It's been a difficult year, I've had to move back home and take on a new job that was completely different to what I'd been doing previously.

2013 may have thrown me for a loop but it's been rewarding as well. Namely, running a craft market stall. Ok, I had my own corner at a craft market stall but it's still pretty much the same thing. My sister, who runs Bonweekend, let me sell some of my stamps at her Public Garden booth. There was a mad rush to get enough stock out and I'm incredibly grateful to all who came by the table and especially Violet, who designed some of those stamps for me.

Some of those stamps will be available on my etsy store soon!

It's now 2014. I've started it in a bad way, falling sick and getting behind in my work. I've had time to think about resolutions and simply put:

Be more earnest, consistent, organised and less frivolous. 

and with that, I should catch up on my work.... Make 2014 your year. I know I'll be trying my best to do just that.




S.E.A aquarium, Singapore


The S.E.A aquarium in Sentosa opened this year and I waited till the crowds died down to pay a visit. The day I went there was only a school group so it was a fuss free visit. There's something about aquariums that I love, I never get sick of them and even if it's through a panel of glass, the inhabitants make really good photography subjects.

There were some really interesting animals, like the squid, the nautilus and oh the jellyfish, I adore jellyfish, they are so ethereal.












Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Lavender

DSCF5437 copy

Hipster place, Chye Seng Huat was on my 'to visit' list for the longest time and it's a great place, if you can find it. The industrial exterior and interior is strangely inviting and if you can score a seat at the bar, good on you!

The food is simple and hearty, that chocolate cake? I had to have it. If you can spare the time, you'll just want to sit for hours and people watch.

oh and stop by Tyrwhitt General Store upstairs for fab artisan and indie designer gear.









Japan Instagram Roundup


I just came back from a short trip to Japan, it was my 4th time and my parent's first so I was their tour guide. Here are the highlights (via instagram):

1. Can't go to Japan without buying a melon pan from the conbini. 2. Fat seal at the Kaiyukan. 3. I never get sick of jellyfish. 4. Checking out the newest Osaka mall, Grand front. 5. Yodobashi camera is the best place for camera accessories. I kitted out my 6D there. 6. Big spider at Koyasan. 7, 8 & 9. Kaiseki cuisine and the peaceful morning after at our lovely Hakone Ryokan. 10. My overstuffed travel bag. 11. I found this book at the conbini in Tokyo, haven't tried it out yet. 12. Tokyo sky tree limited tokyo banana, super delicious, too bad we didn't make it up to the observation deck. 13. 3 Michelin star dinner at Sushi Yoshitake. Amazing. 14. I hunted down a disney store just for this uniBEARsity plush. 15. New love of my life, a comb hairdryer I found at Don Quixote. 16. People watching at Hachiko whilst waiting for Judy.

More comprehensive photo posts coming, stay tuned :)

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram.


Sabio by the Sea, Sentosa









I was in Sentosa for 2 days for a mini staycation, courtesy of my grandparents. I had company on the first day but my sister dropped by on the second day to have dinner with me. We went further inland to Quayside Isle at Sentosa Cove, where there were pretty boats and an even prettier view. The plan was actually to have dinner at Kith cafe, but as luck would've had it, it was closed (they close tuesdays). After walking up and down the boardwalk for a bit, we ended up at Sabio by the Sea.

Spanish food as a memory is something the sister and I share, we travelled to the country in 2011 and had ourselves a real adventure. Well, it can't get any realer than finding out that restaurants in Bilbao don't open till 8pm and having to walk around most of the small city to find food.

Anyway, Sabio's spanish food wasn't the most authentic but it was definitely comfort food. ....And then we watched the sun set and all was well.

Photography workshop with Brooke Holm (The School)

_MG_0434 1





Having never taken a photography class in my life, I jumped at the chance to attend Brooke Holm's workshop as part of Megan Morton's 'The School' Melbourne roadshow in May. It was held at Small Giants' head office at St Kilda, which was just a beautiful old colonial style building with timber floored rooms and windows of light you could literally spend all your time looking out of.

These are some of the shots I took that were the result of the awesome interior styling genius that is Megan Morton. I'm a little bit tempted to take one of her styling classes next time and also become a hoarder of amazing interior things.

I brought my old 40D, which I hadn't used in a long time, along for this class and I have to say, I really reconnected with the concept of using a DSLR. The class was quite good, Brooke was incredibly generous with her knowledge and although the class size was a little too big for one on one time with her, I gained invaluable knowledge on framing, post editing and developing my own style. All of which I now apply to every single photo I take, iphone included.

If you're interested, Jump on The School's website to find a class near you.



MT Expo, Singapore (and a giveway!)

IMG_0324 IMG_0308










Having thought that I had missed the MT expo in Singapore, I was pleasantly to find that it was still running on the weekend I came back. And if you're wondering at the time of this posting, it's still on till 11th August (this Sunday) at Ion Orchard's Art Gallery (4th floor), hurry!

Whilst I'm a huge fan of MT tape, I've never seen so much MT tape in one place. The floor and walls were literally covered in MT Case and of course, everything else was MT tape themed. It was heaven! The first part of the expo was a little exhibition of little houses for children to go in and play, there was also a workshop area and video exhibit which I guess was a bit quiet on a weekday so we bypassed that to the....

MT tape Store! Boxes and boxes, row after row of tape, and a gashapon machine. Where one could try their luck at winning a special edition tape, which I passed because I know me, and I have no luck. Back to the store, unfortunately, I already owned a huge majority of the designs so I really had to search to find some others that I didn't have and I did find some gems, including the Peranakan edition that MT made specially for the expo, and if you spend above SGD50, they gave you a cute MT tape patterned bag to carry your purchases in. I'm such a tape addict, I ended up with 2.

I also picked up an MT makimaki. I have heard whispers of it over the interwebs for awhile and once I saw it in use, I had to have one, and it came with its own limited edition tape, sold! For the uninitiated, a Makimaki is a device that lets you 'decant' your tape into another roll/core. You can roll into another proper roll or you can put a few different tapes on a flat core that is a bit like a sampler card, which you can then swap with someone else, or put it in your notebook and take it everywhere!

Truth be told, I am not quite sure what I will use it for (anyone want to start an MT tape trading group?) but I bought too many of the sampler cards so I am giving away 2 of them, and yes, with tape on it. To enter:

Leave a comment with what you use MT tape for and your favourite colour/colours. ______________________

Terms and conditions: - 1 comment per person. - Open to anyone, anywhere, as long as you have an address I can send it to! - The last day for entries is 20th of August, 2013, not picky about timezone.

I will then pick a few of my favourites that I purchased at the exhibition and from my own collection to add to the sampler that will then find its way to you! So get cracking!

Competition over, thanks to all who participated!

P.S I am not affiliated with MT tape Singapore. I have purchased these products and I just like to share!


street signs, london

DSCF5515 DSCF5517








Hoxton | Camden | Southbank

Street signs are a constant source of inspiration, I have folders and folders of pictures I've taken on random walks/trips. London made walking really fun, there was always something to see and admire. The cosmopolitan streets look the same as any other city in the world save for the street art and signs.

I'm particularly enamoured with the 'Let's adore and endure each other' art I found in Hoxton near our hotel. What are your favorite cities for street art walks?

Hobba, prahran

hobba1 IMG_0037




I bought a new camera last week, finally updating my old canon 40D to a full frame 6D. Besides kicking myself for not making the leap earlier, I've been taking it out on mini test runs all week. We stopped by Hobba for lunch and I was pleasantly surprised to see a few changes to the place since my last visit, more tables, that lovely poster and a bigger kitchen. The menu also underwent a change so it was nice to try all new dishes. My friend, D, had the bubble and squeak which had a really interesting brown butter hollandaise sauce. Meanwhile, I ordered the braised pork, and the combination of the fried egg, tear apart pork, radish and sauce made for a perfect brunch meal. Hobba is such a nice warehouse space to have a meal with friends, I don't know why I don't come here more often.

As for the 6D, I don't know how I'm going to get any use out of my Fuji X-pro. Sure the Fuji is more compact and the images are fantastic but the full frame is amazing. It might just be a case of the new and the shiny so we'll just have to see.

Hobba is located at: 428 Malvern Road, Prahran, VIC, Australia

Stamps for Freckle & Co.


The lovely Rachel of Freckle & Co. is my cousin and when she asked if I would make her some stamps for her packaging, I was really excited. She provided the logo and we went through a few options before deciding on these 2. I love how simple it is and also how it stands out on a white background. I bought the grip friendly pink mounts from Papermarket and put them in a bag with my own branding. I would've liked to be making my own mounts but I'm not quite there yet.

Visit her Etsy store. She'll be at Made on the Left this weekend if you're in the area.

P.S I have a little resources page if you're not sure where to obtain supplies. It's still in the development phase but feel free to ask questions!