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One hot summer day, my friend Ting and I decided it was time we popped over to the next suburb to check it. After we'd had some food that is...

Coin Laundry is one of those places that became popular as soon as it opened, people hyped about it but you don't realise how close it is until you actually get in a car and go there. Well, the good thing is we didn't need to queue, it was too hot to queue anyway. We grabbed a couple of seats at the one communal bar table and ordered some orange juices. Did I mention it was really hot that day?

Our food didn't take long to arrive. Even though it was already lunchtime, we chose to order brunch, my favorite meal of the day. Ting got her usual eggs benedict and I ordered a spanish breakfast. I'm currently obsessed with smoked salmon in scrambled eggs so it was absolutely perfect.

If the name of the cafe was anything to go by, the place did feel like a hip version of a coin laundry conversion, I loved all the little touches, from the little paper laundry line to the sails in the ceiling and the roll of brown paper announcing the day's specials.

The only downside is parking but it's very accessible by train and the Armadale shopping strip is worth the trip, especially if you're wedding dress shopping.

new year food

popiah steamboat

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It's Chinese New Year! Gong xi fa cai! Chinese New Year goes for 15 days and our family tradition is to have a meal together on the eve and on the last day.

I'm on my own this year but the food we had over the regular new year is similar to what we do for CNY and actually, my grandmother is pretty gracious about making my favorite food every time I go back to see her. My favorites are curry and her rendition of the Foochow classic, Kampua mee.

Oh yes, I'm Foochow, the majority dialect of Sibu, Sarawak. I grew up never quite knowing how to explain that to my friends. Basically, my ancestors are from Fuzhou in China and most of them migrated to Sibu in East Malaysia.

Back to the food, on New year's eve, my grandmother made Foochow fried noodles and Foochow popiah. She made some other sides but those were pretty ordinary.  The popiah filling, if you've noticed, is unlike the usual Hokkien popiah that's pretty common in Singapore. Unlike Hokkien popiah, Foochow popiah filling is like a stew and everything other than the skin is cooked in one pot. Last year, she made both these items during one of my trips but because I was late, there wasn't quite enough popiah filling left. So as I sat there laying out my popiah skin and eyeing the last of the filling, my grandfather pointed out that I could put the noodles in with the filling and to illustrate, made his own hybrid, which I have now dubbed the Po-dle. It can be a bit of a carb overload, but no one worries about carbs when my grandmother cooks. It was absolutely delicious and I make one or two hybrids every time my grandmother makes these even if there's enough popiah filling.

For dinner that same day, we had steamboat, I definitely had a food baby that night. Our steamboat has evolved over the years and now marries traditional soup stock with ingredients from both Chinese and Japanese cultures. My mother usually goes to the Japanese supermarket to pick up vegetables and thinly sliced meats. All that paired with rice, soy sauce and homemade chilli and you've got yourself a feast.

My stomach is growling just thinking about it. Hope you have a fantastic Chinese New Year!


Recent stamps 030213


stamps0302-2Since the big V-day is coming up, I decided to make some cute v-day themed stamps. I don't celebrate it, being single and all, but it's a cute holiday and who can resist all the hearts and the pink and the teddy bears, omigosh, the teddy bears!

1. Inspired by Chinchin's neon light, which I found a picture of recently. I guess you could use this stamp to label uh, special things.

2. I thought this would be a cute message. It's a bit like baby talk.

3. A whole series of conversation candy and random hearts. Although, 'eat me' and 'be mine' sound pretty vampire-ish. I should rethink that.

Unfortunately, these aren't for sale, although I can do them for requests. I've decided I need more practise before opening my wee shop. ETA. middle of the year.


beauty favorites of 2012

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I was tagged by Judy to do this and it seemed like fun even though I don't always do makeup posts because I like taking product photos. And yes, I know it's the end of January. Anyway, My favorites from 2012:

1. Urban Decay Naked II palette: I love neutral colours and I loved this palette so much I bought Naked basics as soon as I saw it.

2. Shu Uemura X Mon shu girl: Ok, to be perfectly honest, I bought this mostly because I'm a Karl fan and mon shu girl is too cute but this lip colour is the perfect amount of sheer for me.

3. MAC brow set gel: This is my beauty secret. I hate trimming my eyebrows, every time I go to a beautician to get them shaped/trimmed I get scolded, but with the brow gel set I can let them grow and still 'lift' them.

4. YSL Touche Eclat: So many uses for this, where do I begin. I only use it for concealing eyebags and small tip, get the shade matched at a counter, makes all the difference.

5. Makemania graduation tip shadow: This is perfect for lazy ol' me. The sponge tip means I only need to swipe over my lids and I can skip out the door.

6. Majorlica Majorca lip cheek tint: I was afraid this might be too red, but it's a nice sheer pink.

7. Ettusais face powder: I don't use foundation so I use face powder instead, packaging is cute too!

8. Ettusais skin care: I change my skin care every time. I love that this set is fragrance free, and that skin toner is called skin softener. Also, strangely enough, the toner feels like a moisturiser and vice versa, pretty sure I'm using it right..

What are your favorite products of 2012?

project inspiration: mason jars


images via:  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

 You know how it's entirely possible to start a collection without realising it? I find myself doing that all the time, and I usually don't realise it till I find similar items around my apartment and start putting two and two together.

Well, I guess you can say I've started a mason jar collection. It started with used pasta/sauce jars I cleaned up and use to store coins and I've recently started noticing a lot of cute jars in stores and before you know it, a collection!

The good thing is, there's a lot of potential for these jars and I intend to fully explore it, as shown by my little project inspiration mood board.

I'm especially eyeing number 2 (using a glue gun to write a message before painting over it), number 6 (how cute are those jar toppers?) and 7 (probably the wrong season for snowglobes).

I can't wait to get cracking, especially since I picked up some Martha Stewart craft supplies last week.

Have you done a mason jar project? What's your favorite?


Design your own (D.Y.O) papercraft by Fairminds


Collecting materials for craft projects can be rewarding. I believe one should 1. buy what they like 2. enjoy the process. However, I've experienced moments when I needed a set of materials for a project and had to compromise because I just didn't have the time to source everything, which can be frustrating because I like to achieve a certain level of finished product.

That's why I think this DYO papercraft kit by fairminds is genius. The basics are taken care of, just assemble and have fun.

Would you buy something like this? I know I would.

TrendsActive via thedieline 

childhood snacks


There seems to be a resurgence of sorts for nostalgia items. Well, items from around 20 years back. Damn I feel old and does 20 years count as nostalgia?

Maybe I'm having a strange week but when I saw these 'mama shop' snacks at Grammah, I couldn't resist. Best part? this lot cost me less than 5sgd, that's priceless.

Do you still see snacks from your childhood around?


Recent stamps 090113

giftpacks handmade


Some of the stamps I finished recently" 1. I put together some cute stationery giftpacks for my aunt and 2 cousins. I made a stamp out of their names and included a notebook from Amy Tangerine,  a Versa ink pad to go with the stamp, various shaped D clips, animal page tabs from Midori and clear zip case they could reuse. All the above items can be found at papermarket and NBC, I decorated the packs with paper tape sheets from cloudyapple.

It was fun to watch their faces when they went through the items and it made them really excited about starting school. I think they might end up with all their books and belongings stamped.

2. A handmade stamp I made for myself, I then found some white paperbags at Daiso as packaging instead of the plastic zips I'd been using to put my finished stamps in.

3. Namestamp for my mum, she requested a teal coloured shiny ink pad.

It seems like I've been lazy but I did do a few more as gifts that went undocumented. Forgetful I am.

the schedule kit

sche1 sche2


If there's one thing I learnt in 2012, it's that 'once a paper person, always a paper person'. I tried to take my planner digital at the beginning of the year and made it 6 months before I was itching to write my appointments on paper. Yes, there are advantages to a digital planner, the one thing I'll miss is the calendar syncing between my devices but it's probably pretty easy to keep my planner next to me all the time.

I was using an 18 month moleskine diary but a friend gave me a Kikki.k diary for christmas and I can't turn down cute graphics so I started using it. It's like a bit of sunshine in my day. I have a habit of sprucing things up so I added a pen holder from MochiThings and a Lamy pen, which I discovered last year and can't put down. I also try to keep other helpful things around, like sticky notes (I currently favour those from Kikki.k and Cloudy apple) and a mini self-inking stamp stack set from Paper market, although I've seen a similar stamp set at Daiso for much cheaper of course.

I would show you the inside of my schedule book, but my handwriting is atrocious but trust that it's being put to good use. Are there any things that are essential to your schedule kit?


Recent craft shopping



Believe me when I say this, once you start buying washi tape, you can't stop. I bought some things from MochiThings during the cyber monday sales and one of those items was a washi tape travel case. Let's just say I desperately needed one the moment I saw it. I'm currently on holiday and only half filled the case for last minute christmas wrappings, ended up visiting a few craft shops and now I'm on a washi tape ban for the rest of my trip. (I promise!) I think I can see myself taking this case and random washi tape everywhere from now on.

On the subject of washi tape, I bought a few rolls when I went to The Little Happyshop to pick up an order of carving rubber, and whilst there, saw these adorable coloured carving rubber blocks. They came in 2 types and 8 colours, can't say I know the difference between hard and soft but I have done a comparison between carving blocks made by 5 different companies (3 Japanese and 2 American) that I will post very soon. kinda. maybe. remind me?



New year 2013

newyear copy

Hope everyone had a fun time celebrating New year!  I kept to tradition and slept through it haha!

2012 hasn't been the best and 2013 looks like it might be an uphill struggle but I thought I'd make some mini resolutions:

1. Open an etsy shop. I've been wanting to do this for awhile now, planning is currently underway. 2. Work out my career path, this one is a bit of a doozy. 3. Craft/draw more. Pops up every year... 4. Define my style. This was mentioned during Blogshop Melbourne and it's currently a priority. 5. Learn to let go. As always.

If you haven't already noticed, I snuck in a new blogtheme over the weekend (partly because of no.4 above), and I have new features planned for the year.

Happy New Year!


Masking Tape Mini Catalogue


I was procrastinating one weekend and decided to make a catalogue for my washi tape collection. I used a set of mini cards on a ring from Artbox, arranged the tape according to colour and just went freestyle with the layouts. It turned out to be a revelation, I didn't realise how much tape I owned. I was probably in denial.  :P

Random Pictures of the week (Dec 2-8)

1. Celina had me over for a BBQ. It was so yummy and fun! Thanks for having me :) 2. One of the pedestrian bridges over the Yarra river was wrapped like a present. How cute! 3. I didn't intend to go but I found myself drawn to the Melbourne Design Market. I seem to go to every one of these. 4. Lazy thursday was spent in Mornington. We went to La Patenque and the only view, besides some horses in the adjacent winery was the mower getting rid of the weeds in the garden. It was very exciting, not really. 5. Random carpark machines in St Kilda.

The Design Files Open House

The Design Files open house happened over the last couple of days and we went on the opening day, which was also a really really hot day. Thankfully, there weren't a lot of people and we were able to walk around and get a good look at the rooms, which were incredible. Besides the open house paper, we also got a free copy of desktop magazine. I haven't read it in ages so it was nice to reacquaint myself with it. At the house, I fell in love with everything (including the actual building) but only took 1 item home. A wooden board by Treehorn Design. Looks great as a display piece, does it not?

I'm already looking forward to next year's open house.

Random pictures of the week (Nov 25-Dec 1)

1. Sunday was Markit, it was very successful and I did all my Christmas shopping! 2. Whilst at Fed Square, we came across Patrick Dougherty's Stickwork. 3. Lunched at China Red. Love Xiao long baos. Although we had more fun ordering thru the touch screens than eating. 4. Carved my Christmas card stamp. Coming up with the design took 4 weeks and carving took 4 hours. My first big original stamp. 5. On the hottest day of the week, T and I went to Mamasita, we're totally in love with the street style corn. More please!

Blog survey 2012 + mini giveaway.

Ahh, I've been a consistent blogger for about a year? That's totally unheard of! I think it's been a good blog year, I've attended heaps of events and gotten a clearer idea of what kind of blogger I'd like to be. To celebrate, I'm doing a mini giveaway, but first, I'd like to hear your opinion. I mean. I moustache you a question. *gets bricked* I would love to know what you've liked about this blog, what you'd like to see more of and any improvements I can make and to sweeten things, I'm giving away 6 of those Mo rings, in varying colours.

All you have to do is choose something in the poll and leave a comment (so I know who's entering the giveaway), your comment doesn't have to say anything beyond 'I've completed the poll' but any additional feedback would be much much much appreciated!

The poll will be open till past the New year but the giveaway ends in 2 weeks on the 14th of December so I can at least try to get the rings out to you before New year (no promises) Many thanks and the posts will keep coming!

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