I hope everyone had a good weekend!Saturday was a total washout, literally, it rained so hard I had to walk through what appeared to be a river to get to my car, not the best start to a day that included a visit to the dentist.

I had planned my sunday and decided I would go regardless of the weather. So after a session at the gym, I headed out.

Love that my building's lift has good lighting and a full length mirror.


First stop, the NGV. I had won an exhibition book 2 weeks prior via a twitter competition for the Ranjani Shettar exhibition and loved what I saw in the book, needless to say, I had to go take a look.

But first, I had brunch at The Gallery Kitchen, I had a green tea and handmade pastie, lovely as always. The exhibition itself was free and held in the modern art gallery, I'm embarrassed to say it was my first time in that gallery but Ranjani Shettar's sculptures were amazing to see in person, I'd definitely recommend it.


After the NGV, I headed to Federation Square. The Markit market was on and I went to pick up the last of my Christmas presents. I know what you're thinking, and yes, I've finished all my shopping and wrapping already. booyah.

The place was packed! It took up the whole of the front atrium...


...as well as BMW edge.


Check out these adorable chairs!


After which I hopped and skipped to nearby ACMI for the Star Voyager  exhibition. The space person at ACMI reminded me of Marvin from 'The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy', maybe his uncle.. ?

Star Voyager was another great exhibition by ACMI, I love film and space films even more so, it was really interesting to be able to see the evolution of space discovery themed films in one place. I think I may have added a number of films to my 'to watch'  list. oh dear.


At the outdoor area of Fed Square, the sister city festival was going on, I think it was a Greek city..


I saw this on Flinder's street, it was part of competition of some sort..I think.


I was hungry on my way back so I stopped for mini pancakes at the Arts Centre's Sunday Market, I had maple syrup on mine, mmm.

Pictures from my instagram:


Bag I got with a purchase from Markit, totally summery!


Hope the nice weather continues and hope everyone has a good week!