It's 'Me' time


My poor blog, it's been awhile.

I've been so busy doing things for other people, I've had to put all the things I've wanted to do on the backburner.

I've come to my senses and with my 30th Birthday coming up, it's time to make a change and put 'Me' first. Or as they like to say in France* 'I have no more fucks to give'.

*They don't really say this in France...

PS. This is one of my favourite images that I took when I was in Ghent, Belgium, early this year.

Vintage Charm at Queen St Flower Co.

DSCF6209 I recently discovered WeTeachMe and after browsing for awhile found this gem. I quickly sent the link to Ting and we both signed up. In typical Ting fashion, we were a little bit late for the class but quickly settled in. Our lovely instructor then took us through the basics of picking flowers , stripping the leaves and 2 methods of arranging. It was extremely informative and at only 2 hours long, just enough to be fun and enjoy the lesson.

I should mention, I've since tried to do my own arrangement at home but it definitely requires more practice.














Public Garden & Happy new year


2013 is over. It's been a difficult year, I've had to move back home and take on a new job that was completely different to what I'd been doing previously.

2013 may have thrown me for a loop but it's been rewarding as well. Namely, running a craft market stall. Ok, I had my own corner at a craft market stall but it's still pretty much the same thing. My sister, who runs Bonweekend, let me sell some of my stamps at her Public Garden booth. There was a mad rush to get enough stock out and I'm incredibly grateful to all who came by the table and especially Violet, who designed some of those stamps for me.

Some of those stamps will be available on my etsy store soon!

It's now 2014. I've started it in a bad way, falling sick and getting behind in my work. I've had time to think about resolutions and simply put:

Be more earnest, consistent, organised and less frivolous. 

and with that, I should catch up on my work.... Make 2014 your year. I know I'll be trying my best to do just that.




Japan Instagram Roundup


I just came back from a short trip to Japan, it was my 4th time and my parent's first so I was their tour guide. Here are the highlights (via instagram):

1. Can't go to Japan without buying a melon pan from the conbini. 2. Fat seal at the Kaiyukan. 3. I never get sick of jellyfish. 4. Checking out the newest Osaka mall, Grand front. 5. Yodobashi camera is the best place for camera accessories. I kitted out my 6D there. 6. Big spider at Koyasan. 7, 8 & 9. Kaiseki cuisine and the peaceful morning after at our lovely Hakone Ryokan. 10. My overstuffed travel bag. 11. I found this book at the conbini in Tokyo, haven't tried it out yet. 12. Tokyo sky tree limited tokyo banana, super delicious, too bad we didn't make it up to the observation deck. 13. 3 Michelin star dinner at Sushi Yoshitake. Amazing. 14. I hunted down a disney store just for this uniBEARsity plush. 15. New love of my life, a comb hairdryer I found at Don Quixote. 16. People watching at Hachiko whilst waiting for Judy.

More comprehensive photo posts coming, stay tuned :)

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram.


Photography workshop with Brooke Holm (The School)

_MG_0434 1





Having never taken a photography class in my life, I jumped at the chance to attend Brooke Holm's workshop as part of Megan Morton's 'The School' Melbourne roadshow in May. It was held at Small Giants' head office at St Kilda, which was just a beautiful old colonial style building with timber floored rooms and windows of light you could literally spend all your time looking out of.

These are some of the shots I took that were the result of the awesome interior styling genius that is Megan Morton. I'm a little bit tempted to take one of her styling classes next time and also become a hoarder of amazing interior things.

I brought my old 40D, which I hadn't used in a long time, along for this class and I have to say, I really reconnected with the concept of using a DSLR. The class was quite good, Brooke was incredibly generous with her knowledge and although the class size was a little too big for one on one time with her, I gained invaluable knowledge on framing, post editing and developing my own style. All of which I now apply to every single photo I take, iphone included.

If you're interested, Jump on The School's website to find a class near you.



MT Expo, Singapore (and a giveway!)

IMG_0324 IMG_0308










Having thought that I had missed the MT expo in Singapore, I was pleasantly to find that it was still running on the weekend I came back. And if you're wondering at the time of this posting, it's still on till 11th August (this Sunday) at Ion Orchard's Art Gallery (4th floor), hurry!

Whilst I'm a huge fan of MT tape, I've never seen so much MT tape in one place. The floor and walls were literally covered in MT Case and of course, everything else was MT tape themed. It was heaven! The first part of the expo was a little exhibition of little houses for children to go in and play, there was also a workshop area and video exhibit which I guess was a bit quiet on a weekday so we bypassed that to the....

MT tape Store! Boxes and boxes, row after row of tape, and a gashapon machine. Where one could try their luck at winning a special edition tape, which I passed because I know me, and I have no luck. Back to the store, unfortunately, I already owned a huge majority of the designs so I really had to search to find some others that I didn't have and I did find some gems, including the Peranakan edition that MT made specially for the expo, and if you spend above SGD50, they gave you a cute MT tape patterned bag to carry your purchases in. I'm such a tape addict, I ended up with 2.

I also picked up an MT makimaki. I have heard whispers of it over the interwebs for awhile and once I saw it in use, I had to have one, and it came with its own limited edition tape, sold! For the uninitiated, a Makimaki is a device that lets you 'decant' your tape into another roll/core. You can roll into another proper roll or you can put a few different tapes on a flat core that is a bit like a sampler card, which you can then swap with someone else, or put it in your notebook and take it everywhere!

Truth be told, I am not quite sure what I will use it for (anyone want to start an MT tape trading group?) but I bought too many of the sampler cards so I am giving away 2 of them, and yes, with tape on it. To enter:

Leave a comment with what you use MT tape for and your favourite colour/colours. ______________________

Terms and conditions: - 1 comment per person. - Open to anyone, anywhere, as long as you have an address I can send it to! - The last day for entries is 20th of August, 2013, not picky about timezone.

I will then pick a few of my favourites that I purchased at the exhibition and from my own collection to add to the sampler that will then find its way to you! So get cracking!

Competition over, thanks to all who participated!

P.S I am not affiliated with MT tape Singapore. I have purchased these products and I just like to share!


macaron making

macaron0 macaron1










I've always wanted to learn how to make macarons, and what a better time than to do it with my avid baker friend, R. We used a chocolate macaron recipe from the book 'Mad about Macarons' by Jill Colonna but backed it up by watching a youtube video by Ochikeron to make sure we got the techniques right. And yes, it worked. After a few hours of hard work and anxiety, the macarons came out of the oven and they had feet, looked and tasted great! We then had some for tea time and I raided my friend's kitchen for tableware to put together a little food styling shoot.

I definitely want to make more in a lot of other different flavours. Any flavours I should try?



DSCF5314 copy DSCF5315

Busy, pretty much sums up the last few weeks. I'm in between trips and there's a ton of work to be done. I'm working on 3 different projects and trying my hardest to avoid creative burnout.

Unfortunately, this means I haven't had time for any personal craft/projects but I'm hoping that it'll die down a bit soon. In anticipation of that, I picked up these goodies from an impromptu trip to Paper Market and NBC at Raffles City.

  1. 3 sets of 'Soramame' ink daubers by Versacraft. It's one of those things I've seen on the internet over and over again but never thought to acquire until I saw it in person. I love the travel friendly size and that it comes with stickers stating the colour that you can paste anywhere on the tube according to your preference. Very handy, the colours are pretty unique and I can see this travelling in my kit with me. 
  2. Blank mini Kraft envelopes by Midori. I bought them because I had a set of Markers on my Thailand trip and used them to create this handy gift box and I wanted to create more patterns on packaging.

I'm heading to London in a week's time, I'll try my best to schedule some posts for you guys. :)


fiveday - senso

senso1 senso2

I'm currently in Bangkok, enjoying a mini vacation. I scheduled this post to go up whilst I'm away but if I'm right, it's really hot and I'm downing as much coconut juice as I can handle.

This week's fiveday focuses on one of my new favorite shoe brands. Senso is based in Australia and it's really popular with the fashion blogger crowd. I just love them because it has the styling sensibilities of Alexander Wang without being too unoriginal and at a third of the price, did I mention it's extremely good quality too, the first thing that hit me when I opened my box was the strong smell of leather.

I bought the Qimat V, and boy do they transform an outfit, the only word I can use to describe them is 'attitude'. I'm officially hooked and the 5 above are on my list of 'to buy next'. Oh yes, free shipping within Australia, always a bonus!


outfit : harbour

DSCF3051-2 layout1

Top Lifewithbird | Jeans Topshop | Bag Chanel | Shoes Chinese Laundry | Necklace Comme Ca Ism Photos by Sam 

I'm a really casual person when it comes to clothes. My favorite outfit is something I call 'almost pyjamas'.

On this occasion, we were having lunch at Catalunya, so I made an effort, turned out to be a good call, the location was a great place to take some shots.

I'm still a bit on the fence about those wedges, on one hand they're comfortable, which is rare for me when it comes to anything with a heel, and I was obsessed with a certain Ann Demeulemeester pair of sandals so I bought this as a sort-of stand in, on another hand, I found another pair that kinda looks better.

ah, decisions.



crowded teeth fancy stamp ring set

1 2



Kickstarter is a great to find interesting projects to support. of the 13 or so projects I've funded, there's probably only 1 project that doesn't seem to be going anyway, but that's another story. The crowded teeth fancy stamp ring has to be my favorite project so far.

The fancy stamp ring is created by Michelle Romo, an illustrator. It's really quirky and different in that it's a few wooden laser cut round stamps that can be mounted on a ring via a magnet, and you can interchange them depending on your mood or the  letter that you're writing.

When I received the stamp set, it came with some beautiful postcards, stickers and a button. The stamps came with a cute laser cut wooden storage box, very handy for the small, probably really easy to lose, stamps. Of course I went with the full set, which came with a ring (you can pick a size) and all 9 stamps, some were adorable faces, and the rest, little phrases like 'you're neat'.

Michelle has said that she might create more stamp designs in the future, but I think I might give carving my own to fit in the ring a try. I'm always up for a challenge.

Want a set? You can get them here.




I went to Mornington 2 weeks ago and stopped by an antiques place to browse around. I picked up a vintage milk bottle and jar of vintage wooden blocks (as seen above). They've lost most of their original colour but the potential is certainly there. To restore? or to use for other projects? I haven't quite decided.


blogshop melbourne 2012

blogshop1 blogshop2


Blogshop Melbourne was the best thing I did in 2012.

Blogshop is run by Bri of Designlovefest and Angela of Angela & Ithlye and it's a 2 day photoshop workshop aimed specifically at bloggers.

It was the first time the duo were in Australia running workshops and after much thought, I signed up and found myself at Rokeby Studios one weekend in December.

We each got a goodie bag and delicious healthy lunch was provided. I met so many interesting people as well. I'm in awe of the talent really. The photoshop lessons were exactly what I needed, it's something I can apply in every blogpost, even in non-blogging situations. They also provided blogging advice and an awesome profile photoshoot. The results can be found here.

The most important thing I took away from the workshop however, was not a photoshop skill but a piece of advice:

Define your style.

That right there is the only reason you need to attend blogshop.


crochet and i


Crochet and I have a sordid past. I first learnt how to crochet from our housekeeper, I think it was only the basic stitch and I did nothing but lines then, suffice to say, that interest died out after a while. The second time, I was in high school and I bought a book and tried to teach myself but that fell flat. The third time, I took a short class at the new defunct 'Stitches and Craft' show. I made a granny square for the first time, I was hooked, or so I thought. My foundation wasn't as strong as I thought and shortly after, I stopped crocheting.

This year, I've made it my mission to learn it or leave it. I'd been slowly collecting yarn and needles hoping to take another class but this time I've chosen to do an online course via Craftsy. I bought the basic crochet class and I'm doing it slowly. Last week, I started with the basics and single crochet. I won't watch the next part till I've finished 5 sample swatches. It's certainly been challenging crocheting with different yarns and I've discovered that I need to go up a half size when it comes to the needle.

Hopefully this will stick. I can't give up yet.


fiveday - flowers


This is my attempt at bringing back last year's '5 things friday', which never really got off the ground.

I see so many wonderful things every time I go through my RSS reader, pinterest and even things other people post that I wanted to find a way to share them without making a post for each thing (which also didn't seem to work well).

This week's theme is flowers and to some extent the colour purple.

1. I love this painted floral purse DIY by 'Studs and Pearls'. I'm amazed that she took a cake icing technique and applied it to make this gorgeous bag.

2. I'm learning to crochet and I hope I can make flowers like these by ARTcrochet on Etsy someday.

3. How cool is this transparent LED colour changing vase called a Lumiware by Philips.

4. I want a whole wall of Lovestar's handmade vases. It will brighten up an entire room!

5. Gorgeous flower constructions made out of pressed flowers and paper by Anne Ten Donkelaar. The detail is amazing.

You know what, go buy yourself a bunch of flowers this weekend, you deserve it!