StampsByBirdly X VioletLebeaux Stamps


Along with my shop launch designs, these stamp designs from last year's Public Garden market have been added to the store.

These have been designed by Violet Lebeaux and carved by me, how cute are they! Unfortunately, not all designs are available such as the Christmas stamp but some of the others are and hopefully Violet will design more, I love her designs!







Brownpaper Collage


I recently hosted a giveaway on Instagram, I had cleared out my drawers and there were a lot of stuff that hadn't been used so I put them together into kits to giveaway. If you entered my giveaway, thank you and I'm so happy with the response I got, but why let my winners have all the fun.

I got out these brown paper bags (one get these in the supermarket) and decided to create some collages with loose stickers I had in a box. I have to admit, some are better than the others but I reckon they turned out pretty well. I enjoyed myself and I hope the winners of my giveaway will find delight in them too.

If you're curious as to what's in the kit, there's an image at the end of the post with a sample.

Did you enter my giveaway? Are you excited for the arrival of this kit in your mailbox?











Stamps for Freckle & Co.


The lovely Rachel of Freckle & Co. is my cousin and when she asked if I would make her some stamps for her packaging, I was really excited. She provided the logo and we went through a few options before deciding on these 2. I love how simple it is and also how it stands out on a white background. I bought the grip friendly pink mounts from Papermarket and put them in a bag with my own branding. I would've liked to be making my own mounts but I'm not quite there yet.

Visit her Etsy store. She'll be at Made on the Left this weekend if you're in the area.

P.S I have a little resources page if you're not sure where to obtain supplies. It's still in the development phase but feel free to ask questions!


recent stamps 0804

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Some new stamps, I made most of them as gifts for friends.

The portrait was an experiment to see if it was something I could achieve, I did it quite hurriedly so it isn't to my usual standard but I'm happy to see it still looks like the subjects.

Finally, I keep my stamps in a clear acrylic Muji drawer (similar here). They're unmounted and in 3 layers. The most important thing is to clean each stamp after every use.


Saturday distractions: Pont de Singe bridge by Olivier Grossetête


It may look like a product of photoshop but it's actually a sculpture by Olivier Grossetête for the Tatton Park Biennial. This is what I think a utopian future would have, parks full of dreamy sculptures such as these except they would be functional. Whilst it would technically be able to hold the weight of a person, the bridge is unfortunately not open for public use. Then again, I don't think I would be willing to wade through the water to get to it...

Photo by Thierry Bal Olivier GROSSETÊTE via Dezeen

DIY: Laptop Cover Method 1/2

I've posted pictures of this DIY on my instagram account and there's been requests for a tutorial. The pink laptop was the original DIY and it's (as you can guess) my personal laptop. I used vinyl cut with a Silhouette and since not everyone has access to one of those and/or don't want to buy one just for this one project, I've concocted a relatively simple alternative. Of course, this method has style restrictions but it's quicker, easier and looks just as unique as the vinyl cut version.

I made this one for my sister, who requested a cover with her nickname and the colour, mint.

You'll need:

  • Laptop cover (optional, you can choose to do this straight on your laptop), you can get covers from your local apple or accessories store, I use covers from Speck. If you're wondering, the pink case is from the SeeThru range and the black is from the Smartshell Satin range.
  • A selection of Washi tape in your favorite colours/patterns
  • Adhesive cut out alphabets, I use Thickers by American Crafts. You can get these or a similar product at any scrap booking store. If you tend to carry your laptop out a lot, I'd recommend the foam thickers, I've found that they are more durable. I used glitter foam thickers in this tutorial.


1. Pick the main washi tape colours/patterns you want to use. 2. Mock up your design if required, the good thing about washi tape is that your can rearrange it as many times as you want. I want for a relatively simple design because the case was black and I just needed something to form the background. 3. Smooth over the tape once you've reached a final design, if going over the edges to the inside of the case, use scotchtape to secure the ends so that it won't come loose. 4. Apply the Thickers (and any other stickers you want). 5. Attach the case onto your laptop and enjoy! I'd suggest leaving a book or something similar over the design/thickers for a few hours to allow the adhesive to adhere properly.

Thickers come in a pack with a few of each letter, remember to keep in a place you'll remember so you can replace letter if they fall off.

The next part is the same tutorial except with suggestions for obtaining custom cut vinyl and additional design tips for those of you who would like a more personalised option.

I've love to hear if you've done this tutorial! Please leave a comment if you do :)

Create by kikki.K

The annual family Christmas calendar is a tradition that started 4 years ago. This year is the first time we've used the same service 2 years in a row. I absolutely adore the changes kikki.K have made to their Create software/service, the scrapbook style is really fun and I've been able to put together some eye catching layouts. It was also really easy, it took me less than 2 days to edit the photos, and lay them out in the software, and once you're done, just send it through. The option to pickup from a store at no additional charge is, in my opinion, what makes this service worthwhile. The paper quality for the matte prints are buttery smooth, and if you want something more luxurious, there's a premium matte paper available which I've yet to try. I think this year's calendar is the best one yet!

My only wish is that kikki.K add more clipart in the software, I did find the choice to be a bit limited.

Cloudy Apple

I received a package from the lovely Jess at Cloudy Apple last week. Cloudy Apple is an Adelaide-based stationery/craft online store, they specialised in Korean and Japanese style stationery and anyone who knows me would know that that's my weakness. The package from Jess was so lovingly packed, from the masking tape to my name in stickers, I almost couldn't bear to unwrap it and instead had to settle for gingerly taking the paper apart and saving it to be reused for future projects.

Jess included all the things I would pick for myself at any stationery store. Especially the cloud and leaf sticky notes, I am actually a secret collector of cute sticky notes and happen to own a small box of them, some are so pretty I can't bear to use them sometimes and these are no different. I reckon they would make a great stocking stuffer, or include them with a cute diary present, I use heaps in my paper diaries, the uses are endless!

Also in the package were a bunch of beautiful masking tape sheets, stickers, gift tags, magnets, a camera stamp and labels. Stay tuned next week for a few DIY/craft projects featuring these items. I saw the travel stickers and thought they were perfect for something I'd been planning, I can't wait to show you what I've done with them.

The best thing about Cloudy Apple is not just that it's a local business but it takes all the hassle out of buying Japanese/Korean stationery, the number of times I've sat in front of my computer and spent hours deciphering korean letters and hoping I'd ordered the right thing is not something I like to do very often. With Cloudy apple, you know what you're getting, the prices are admittedly very close to what I'd expect to pay if I were in Korea or Japan and free shipping over $50 (a total incentive to get that extra notepad you're eyeing), I know I'm definitely eyeing a few things already. You?

Disclaimer: Products were provided for consideration, opinions and commentary are my own.

I Scream Nails @ Heroes and Villains

I love nail art, but I tend to never do it myself because I'm impatient and it can be fiddly. Excuses excuses I know. I'll find the patience if someone else does it for me though, and since my sister was in town, I booked us in for nail art with I Scream Nails. Where do I find these things? I subscribe to newsletters from The Thousands and Broadsheet, I suggest you do too, there's always something going on

I Scream Nails is a pop up shop by Celia, her cute nail art is all hand drawn, which makes it even more amazing! She's usually located in the North and her pop up is currently at Heroes and Villains. If you're located in the east like I am, trust me, it is worth the trip. The sister and I had our appointments at the same time, her nails were done by Tracy (pictured above) whilst mine were painted by Celia. You can choose nail designs from the wheels available and there are so many colour and design combinations you can request, you can check out previous combinations on the Facebook page.

To be honest, we kind of went in with a vague idea of what we wanted but changed our minds completely when we were there. The sister ended up choosing a 4 seasons type scene on her nails and I went with a more geometric crosses and triangles design. I love the colours that were available and the designs were so cute. So cute in fact, we were stopped numerous times during the rest of the day to be complimented and asked about them.

Oh by the way, it's AUD35 for a full set of nails. Check out her Facebook page to find out where her shop lands next!


Mochi likes to bite, she doesn't like cuddles but she does like to sleep, lie or sit on people. She's also the one that gets the most compliments from people that don't know her personality. She can be very sweet when she wants to be and spoils Soju to no end.

Random photos from this week (sept 30 - oct 6)

1. I bought some Orly Kiely biscuit tins from Turner and Lane, except, instead of biscuits, I've been using them as craft storage. How perfect is that?

2. I made some tomato soup to go with french butter on a french loaf. hmm, comfort food.

3. I made a wee card for Violet's new puppy Lottie, she's so cute and that's saying a lot because I'm not dog person.

4. November's issue Vivi came with a very cute Lily Brown clutch.

5. I spent most of my saturday at the Harvest Workroom attending Andrea from Stampel Studio's Macrame class. More on that soon.

Hope everyone had a good week! I hate that the weather's turned again :(


Soju is a cutie pie and he knows it, he'll use his adorable-ness to get his way. He also gets jealous very easily if Mochi gets any sort of attention. He makes these noise that sound like a pigeon, the same noises he makes when you comb him.


DIY: Mini Succulent Garden

Starting the Monday off with an easy peasy DIY project. I received a Succulent from a watercolour class I attended and since it came in a generic black pot, I decided it would be nice to repot it along with some other succulents. They're such a pretty plant and require very little maintenance, I came back from a 2 week trip and I only needed to water it before I left and it looked better than when I left it.

Succulent Garden in a bowl You'll need:

  • A bowl or pot with a tray for water to drain into
  • 3-4 Succulents
  • All purpose potting mix
  • Stones
  • A small piece of mesh or newspaper or empty teabag
  • Trowel

Everything above can be found in your local garden shop, you might need to go to a boutique garden shop for prettier succulents. 


  1. Place the mesh or newspaper or empty teabag at the bottom of the bowl/pot, this is so the water can drain out and not take the soil out too. 
  2. Fill the bowl to 3/4 with the potting mix.
  3. Take the succulents out of their original pots and arrange them in the new bowl/pot, then cover the roots with soil, make sure to cover the soil up to the point where the soil originally covered in the previous pot, so as to not dry the plant out. 
  4. Once you're happy with the placement of the plants/soil, top it off with stones, this will not only add a decorative look but prevent the soil from drying out too quickly. 
  5. Water your plant. (I'm currently doing this once every 2 weeks but I reckon it's a matter of trial and error)
  6. Enjoy your pretty mini garden. 
I'd like to do something bigger in the future, but there's a lot of uncertainty in my life at the moment. I'm just happy to know I can enjoy this mini garden and if anything happens, I can at least find someone who'll take it, and hopefully, they'll like it too :)